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Our baking courses are for you to learn how to make artisan bread for all skill levels from beginner to professional and advanced home bakers.


Bread making with traditional fresh yeast.

Bread (in Italian "pane") is one of the most important things in Italy.

Chef Isa is a bread dough magician. She uses only special flours (from a mill in Veneto).

The legacy: Isa credits much of her success to her family. Her grandma was a famous baker and an owner of a pastry and bakery shop in Ferrara. Making bread is a real alchemy, a mixture of art and science.

Join us our new cooking class! You will absolutely love it!

Steps of Bread Making Classes

Every bread dough that we will make in our cooking school follows all of these 5 steps from start to finish. This ensures you will produce the best quality bread or focaccia from scratch without compromising texture, taste, nutrition, and of course our artisan craft.

Step 1: Ingredient Selection and Scaling. We use only the best flour for bread making! Fresh Yeast! Sea salt from Italy Sicily! Homemade Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Tap water (but the tap water here in Padua is one of the best tap water in the world!)! Of course you will learn how to measure all of ingredients in grams (not in cups) on a food scale.

Step 2: Mixing the bread dough. First you will incorporate ingredients, but the most important is to develop the structure of the bread dough. You will knead by hand!

Step 3: Fermentation. You will learn how to ferment the bread dough (in Italian "lievitazione")

Step 4: Shaping. When the bread dough is raised it is time to shape the bread pieces. Then the final fermentation is important.

Step 5: Baking.

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Join us for a hands on Bread Baking Cooking Class (the lesson lasts 3 or 4 hours plus a meal where you will taste your own creations) at Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Venice area Italy: you can learn how to make fantastic bread or delicious focaccia or other Italian recipes about the bread making! Our lessons are hands on not a demonstrations

Our Bread Baking Cooking Classes are only upon request (maximum 8-10 people). We work all the year round. 

Remember that we offer cooking classes only for small groups (maximum 8-10 people), so asap book a brea baking cooking class. And please inquire for rates and availability.

Bread Baking Classes in Italy

Bread Baking Classes Italy Venice

Bread Baking Classes in Italy Venice

Bread Baking Course Italy Venice

Bread Baking Classes Italy Venice

Bread Baking Classes Italy Venice

Bread Making Classes Italy Venice

Bread Baking Classes Italy bruschetta

Bread Baking Cooking Classes Italy Sfincione Mama Isa

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Advance reservations are required and can be made by sending an email

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Only 8-10 seats.

The class is completely hands-on and the menu will be adapted on your tastes!


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