A secret closed-door Restaurant in Italy, near Venice, in Padova: one of the 9 best closed-door restaurants in the world: by Fox News.

Secret Dinners with Mama Isa | Underground Dinner in Italy, near Venice

A secret Supper Club in Padova | An Anti-anti Restaurant in Venice area | Underground Dining Padova | Isa Cook in Padua

"Fox News has included Mama Isa's closed-door Restaurant as one of the 9 chicest and most coveted underground venues in the world".

A new eating experience in Padova: a culinary revolution of a small closed-door restaurant (called also underground dinners, or guerrilla restaurant, or paladares, or home supper club, or home bistro). Come to dine at Mama Isa's Underground Dinner in Venice area! Secret Dinners only for you!

Mama Isa's home hosted dinners in Padova near Venice is a new cultural initiative which offers foodie travelers the opportunity to enjoy Italian hospitality and to taste Italian food with a 'home dinner' (private dinner) in Padova
The best Underground Dinner in Italy:
recommended by Fox News!

Dine with an Italian family in Venice area, Padova (Italy): try this small Underground Dining when you are visiting Venice, Italy.

Are you planning a trip in Venice? Live the experience to dine at Mama Isa's home. Enjoy and taste a private dinners with Mama Isa's dishes. "Mama Isa's Puertas Cerrada": a secret speakeasy anti-restaurant.

Are you intrigued by this new eating concept in the Italian food scene? Be Mama Isa's Guest!

The supper clubs or the pop-up restaurant or the underground dinners or home restaurants are a phenomenon very popular in New York or in London, but in Italy they are a new reality.
Mama Isa has opened this new small and secret Supper Club in Padova.

Mama Isa's Supper Club is a sort of home restaurant in Padova that offers a eight course gourmet menu, included a welcome drink and paired with Italian red or white wines, and a digestif.

Mama Isa will be your Supper Club Hostess: she turns out to be a food lover and incredibly knowledgeable about her native Italian cuisine and all things foodie.

If you are limited for time, for example you are visiting Venice or Veneto for two or three days or  for one week, but would like to sample the Italian hospitality, Mama Isa prepares a home dinner for you in her apartment near Venice in Padova.

This is a new dining scene and a new eating experience (maximum 6 guests). Enjoy the Italian food in a relaxed, warm and sociable dining room. All guests eat at one table providing a comfortable setting for meeting new people (but also for meeting and for talking with Mama Isa's family). Mama Isa's idea is to get her guests to taste a wide assortment of Italian dishes and to experience different foods.

Mama Isa gives the chance to eat her special dishes (contrary to that of a simple Italian restaurant). Mama Isa hosts an Underground Dinner in the heart of Padova.

Mama Isa's Dishes and Recipes are always the creation of her grandmother or her mother (rather than of other Italian chefs or of cookbooks!). You'll have the opportunity to interact with her family. So you'll have a more realistic perception of the Italy´s food and culture. Mama Isa's Home Dining Parties are designed for foodies who are looking for more than what a cooking class or a simple Italian restaurant can offer. Your friends and you can fully relax in the comfort of Mama Isa's home, while leaving all of the organizational details to her!!

Great Service is provided throught the meal by the staff of Mama Isa's Cooking Classes!

Have a dinner with an Italian family, in a modern apartment near the center of Padova.

HOME RESTAURANT in VENICE area (ITALY) Isa Cook in Padua

The menu at Mama Isa's Supper Club includes a 6-8 courses menu (meat dinner or seafood dinner), a welcome drink, wine with all courses or local beer or other drinks, and a digestif.

A EIGHT COURSE DINNER is so organized: First Course: ANTIPAST0 FREDDO cold appetizer; Second Course: ANTIPASTO CALDO hot appetizers; Third Course: PRIMO PIATTO a fresh pasta dish (homemade by Mama Isa) or Risotto; Fourth Course: Primo piatto, another fresh pasta dish or risotto or soup; Fifth course: sorbet to cleanse the palate; Sixth Course: SECONDO PIATTO, meat, red meat or seafood or shellfish; Seventh Course: CONTORNO a salad dish; Eighth Course: DESSERT.

HOME RESTAURANT in VENICE area (ITALY) Isa Cook in Padua

You'll taste succulent Italian recipes: typical Italian ANTIPASTI appetizers, two PRIMI PIATTI first courses (gnocchi di patate, lasagne, pasta al forno, ravioli or tagliatelle or spaghetti alla chitarra or risottos or soup.....),  SECONDO PIATTO second course with CONTORNO fresh vegetables and a DESSERT or cake (for example the most famous dessert: tiramisù). Tiramisu  Classes Venice

Some options of Mama Isa's Supper Club (the menu will change frequently and is always SECRET: the only things that you need to tell Mama Isa when you'll make a reservation are if you have any allergies or preferences about the food).

Meat Dinner

Shellfish and Seafood Dinner

A closed-door Restaurant

Minimum of two people, maximum of 6 people.

Dietary requirements for vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, lactose intolerant, organic food, Muslims and others are accommodated for. 

Muslims Guests are welcome too. According the Islamic dietary laws Mama Isa will not use alcohol or pork.

Note: all food is prepared and cooked by Mama Isa personally in a clean, hygienic, and safe environment.  You are welcome to visit her white kitchen which is openly accessible from the dining room. 

The Mama Isa's homehosted dinner is an "anti anti-restaurant": it's a small and intimate Supper Club or Underground Dinners in the center of Padova in Venice area (Italy).

Mama Isa is open from Monday to Sunday.

Please, book your supper club at latest three or four days before.

Supper Club in Venice area Italy

About Supper Club Contributions

Meat Dinner Option: a nominal donation to cover costs for food and services. You can enjoy Mama Isa's hospitality and a eight-course menu, includind welcome drink, wine with all courses, aperitif. A dinner can take three or more hours.

Fish, Shellfish  and Seafood Dinner Option: a nominal donation to cover costs for food and services. You can enjoy Mama Isa's hospitality and a eight-course menu, including welcome drink, wine with all courses and aperitif. A supper can take three or more hours.


If you would like to make a reservation, decide on a date for your home dinner and and send an email:

isacookinpadua (at) gmail (dot) com

In your email please indicate as "Subject: Supper Club - Home Dinner" - then the date and time you wish to attend Mama Isa's Home Dinner.

Tell me when you would like to attend my Supper Club and whose coming with you and if anyone has any allergies and a phone number. You can also tell me a bit about yourself, it would just be nice to know.

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A short train-ride from Venice, Padova’s a walled university city known for its Giotto frescoes. It’s also where the legendary Mama Isa hosts guerilla dinners in her modern apartment. Labelled an ‘anti-anti-restaurant’ in reaction to more stylised affairs, her supperclub offers more home-made fare, with all the recipes created by Isa’s mother and grandmother. The set, multi-course menus always include hot and cold appetizers, a mid-meal sorbet to cleanse the palate and wine throughout. A maximum of six guests can attend, and Isa’s family are also present, rather charmingly. Book via the website or Mama Isa’s blog; she also offers cooking classes. (Nominal donations expected) 


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Secret supper clubs worth checking out.

If you haven’t already heard, the cool kids are bypassing Michelin stars and permanent menus in favor of a new brand of mystery and exclusivity. They’ve eschewed guidebook-listed restaurants and instead have turned to insiders’ word of mouth to discover this new trend of secret dinner clubs set in private homes and offbeat locations, and look to score a coveted invitation. Why forgo the temples of cuisine in favor of the unknown? Easy: You remember the people you meet on your travels long after the last crumb disappears from your plate.

Mama Isa's Supper Club is one of the 9 chicest and most coveted underground dinners in the world.

Gather around a table with four other guests, Mama Isa herself, and her family, for an hours-long taste of Mama's Italian cooking. Dinners are held in her apartment, which she calls an "anti-anti-restaurant."


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Mama Isa Supper Club in Padova - Italy. See the review and Mama Isa's Slideshow


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