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Learn to make the real Arancini Rice Balls in Italy with chef Isa.


How to Make the Perfect Arancini or Arancine (how the locals call them in Palermo)


Rice Balls Arancini (pronounced "a-ruhn-see-ni") or Arancine is one of the most famous culinary symbols of Sicily and of the island's street food culture.


Arancini Class


- You will learn how to prepare the rice;

- How to make a good Bolognese sauce (Ragu' in Italian);

- The secrets to make a special white sauce besciamella;

- How to stuff the arancini: two different types. Classic Arancine and Arancine al Burro;

- How to fry the arancini;

- Ideas for arancini fillings.

- The arancini class lasts 3-4 hours;

- Taught in English and Recipes in English.


Location: Veneto region - Venice area - Italy


Our Arancini Cooking Classes are only upon request. If you are interested in joining our arancini cooking class, please check our availability by email and process your application as soon as possible. Remember that we offer arancini cooking classes only for small groups (maximum 8-10 people), so asap book an arancini cooking class. And please inquire for rates and availability.



A Little Bit of History

The word "arancini" or "arancine" comes from the Italian for "oranges": they have the same shape and the same colour. Arancini (as the locals call in Catania) or Arancine (as the locals call in Palermo) were created the first time in IX century when Sicily was under Arab rule. The name "arancini" means "small oranges".

In Sicily you can enjoy arancine in every period of the year. But December 13th is the "Arancine Day".

Do you know why?

Saint Lucy’s Day is on December 13th.

Saint Lucy is a famous martyr (in the 4th century). She is the saint of light and sight.

Hundreds of years after Lucy’s death, in 1646, the people of Palermo (Sicily) suffered from a famine.

The famine was relieved by the arrival of a shipload - full of wheat - on December 13th, the day of St. Lucy.

The legend says that locals just took the wheat home, - and without grinding it - they boiled it and the famine finished.

Till now, many Sicilians abstain from eating bread and pasta on December 13th in honour of the memory of St. Lucy, December 13th.

And Arancine is not bread or pasta!



Two Different Names: Arancini vs. Arancine


• The reason why local people in eastern Sicily use the masculine name (ArancinO, plural ArancinI) is because the "orange" in Catania's language sounds “arancio” (but in Italian "arancio" is the tree). So in Catania "arancino" means a small "arancio" fruit.

• In western Sicily (Palermo area) "arancinA" or plural "arancinE" because the name of the orange fruit is "arancia" and so because the rice balls are small the name is "arancine" (small orange fruits).



Traditionally there are two variants!

• "Arancine al Burro" with rice, saffron, butter, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Bechamel sauce, mozzarella, and "prosciutto cotto" ham;

• "Classic Arancine" with rice, saffron, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, pork bolognese ragù sauce, peas, scamorza cheese, butter, ham;

• But if you are vegetarian we can teach you how to stuff arancine with Spinach and Scamorza affumicata cheese (a smoked cheese) or Mushroom and Mozzarella, instead of meat!



Why Arancini Are So Delicious?

• They are rice balls filled with either bolognese sauce, peas, mozzarella but it is possible to taste many different fillings. They can be eaten as a fantastic appetizer or main dish;

• They are so yummy;

• High quality of ingredients.


Join us for a hands on Arancini Workshop at Mama Isa's Cooking School





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Arancini class

Arancini class

Arancini class

Arancini class

Arancini class