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One of The Best Bread Baking Class in Italy



Learn to bake real sourdough bread if you attend a 3 day or a week bread course



Bread Baking Classes in Italy

Want to improve the abilities to make artisan bread at home? Mama Isa's Cooking School is the place for you!

Our baking courses are for you to learn how to make artisan breads for all skill levels from beginner to professional and advanced home bakers. At the end of the bread class you'll have the skills, confidence and knowledge to bake a selection of authentic Italian loaves in your own kitchen.

The Best Bread and Baking Class to Take on Your Next Trip to Italy



Learn to Make Homemade Focaccia from Scratch: we offer special Focaccia Workshops

Focaccia Class Italy



Bread Baking Classes in Italy


During our bread courses you will understand, learn and mastering some classic Italian Breads and dough techniques - from putting to dough together starting from scratch (special bread flour, fresh yeast, water and other ingredients), to forming it and cutting it into the right shape.


You will learn not only how to make delicious homemade bread but you will discover the real authentic focaccia from scratch, and if you are attending a 3 day bread workshop you will learn the art of pizza making!



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Introduction and Approach to the Italian Bread. Perfect the details of mixing, fermenting, shaping, and baking basic bread. This one day course is suitable for beginners or professionals! Hands on bread course: shaping, various mixing techniques, utilizing fresh yeast, and more...;


THREE DAY BREAD COURSE: Semi Intensive Bread Course about the Sourdough Bread Making

During our 3 day course: you will use our 78 year old sourdough starter levain (levain, in Italian pasta madre or lievito madre, wild yeast only with special natural ingredients). This is an intermediary workshop: it focuses on the basics of sourdough. Hands on: starting a sourdough starter culture, sourdough with different flours, Italian Ciabatta Bread, Wholewheat Italian Bread, Sourdough Focaccia, Sourdough Pizza and much more..;


WEEK LONG BREAD COURSE: Intensive Advanced Bread Course about the Sourdough Bread Making.

Click here for more info about the Week Long Sourdough Bread Course.This week long course challenges traditional instructions and explores very innovative Italian bread-making techniques.


Topics covered include making a few different types of sourdough starters, we will teach you how to making a basic Sourdough starter, then techniques about mixing, coil folding, long fermentation, the importance of retarding, and autolyse. Learn mix a few different types of bread dough with different Italian bread flours, and create sweet dough using sourdough. Hands on: sourdough ciabatta bread, sourdough grissini bread sticks, sourdough Neapolitan pizzas, sourdough focaccia, sourdough biscotti, sourdough sweet Venetian focaccia, whole wheat Bread, Pane al Cioccolato, and much more



You will use our 79 year old starter levain (called “lievito madre” mother yeast). Date of Birth: 1945. It is a fermented dough made of water and strong wheat flour Manitoba, particularly rich in gluten (and therefore proteins, about 14%). This flour is able to absorb large amounts of water.


Our starter's name is Sara and this starter was passed down to my by my great-grandmother Celestina. It has been handed down from generation-to-generation by my cooking school.

“It’s become like a family member!”

This great sourdough makes wonderful and complex tasting rustic breads, ciabattas, pizzas or focaccias.

Do you know that the sourdough bread lasts longer, thanks to healthy microbes that produce antibiotic and acids compounds, preventing mold?

Scientific research also suggests sourdough is better for digestion, full of minerals and vitamins.

Most importantly, it tastes much better.

We have kept it up with continual feedings at least once a day.

The main reason we continue the daily routine feeding is our love of sourdough and a passion to share with others and with our cooking students and guests. “It's a family heirloom to me”, chef Isa says.

Light flavor, nutty smell and amazing virility. During our bread courses we teach you the importance of the mother yeast and the slow leavening because they give the product excellent digestibility.


Maximum capacity: 8-10 students. Enroll Now: we are available by email (see below).


Our bread programme is indicative, we are at your disposal to tailor it according to your specific demands.

Location: Veneto region - Venice area - Italy


Sourdough Bread Workshop in Italy

Sourdough Bread Workshop in Italy

You will understand proper mixing, bread fermentation, bread shaping, proofing, scoring, and baking techniques.

Mama Isa's Cooking School offers bread and baking workshops from half a day to several days.

We offers no less than 15 different bread and baking workshops divided according to the subject of the workshop

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Bread Workshop Venice in Italy

Here are a few Compelling Reasons Why You Should Learn to Make Bread at Our Bread Classes:

• Homemade breads are definitely more nutritious and healthier compared to breads produced in industry (filled with too many preservatives, salt, and additives);

• Nothing beats the taste and aroma coming from that freshly baked homemade bread straight from out of your oven;

• Kneading dough a super relaxing experience;

• Making your very own bread will impress your family and lots of people;

• Make bread is educational. Exploring our family recipes will let you find out old practices and family traditions that have been handed down from generations (Mama Isa's great-grandmother was a famous baker over 100 years ago);

• Last but not least: Italy is thought to be the country with the one of largest choice of types of bread. Around the country, there well over 300 different sorts;


If you have decided to take a short day workshop, you will learn to prepare two different types of bread, and the famous Mama Isa's Focaccia.

Bread Baking Classes in Italy


We have many different bread workshops

One day bread workshops or 3 day bread workshops or week long bread courses.

During our bread courses you will learn to bake a variety of classic Italian breads. Of course it depends if the bread class is for one day or more days.

So you can learn many different homemade breads, including a rustic homemade bread Pane Rustico also called Pane Cafone, or Olives bread, or Braided Bread Treccia di Pane, or breadsticks Italian Grissini, homemade Bread Puccie Salentine, the famous umbrian Torta al Testo, from Emilia Romagna regiona the famous flatbread Piadina, or during a few days you will learn whole meal seeded bread loaves, or homemade Pizzas, Pizza Calzones, Homemade Focaccias, or the famous bread Ciabatta.

We are pretty sure you will love it!

Braided Italian Bread

Bread Baking Classes in Italy

Making Bread is a Real Alchemy: A Mixture of Art and Science.

Chef Isa is a bread dough magician. She uses only special bread flours (from a mill in Veneto).

The legacy: Isa credits much of her success to her family. Her great grandmother was a famous baker and an owner of a pastry and bread bakery shop in Ferrara.

Of course making a “lievito madre” mother yeast live so long requires a certain experience. Since chef Isa was a child, she was fascinated by how her grandmother and mother would knead the sourdough bread or focaccia or pizzas. For Isa it was MAGIC, and since then, she has never stopped baking bread at home.

Join us our new bread class (see below how to contact us)! You will absolutely love it!

Bread Baking Classes in Italy

Flour Strenght - Bread Workshop in Italy

Steps of Bread Making Classes

Every bread dough that we will make in our cooking school follows all of these 5 steps from start to finish. This ensures you will produce the best quality bread or focaccia from scratch without compromising texture, taste, nutrition, and of course our artisan craft.

Step 1: Ingredient Selection and Scaling. We use only the best flour for bread making! Fresh Yeast! Salt from Italy Sicily! Homemade Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Tap water! Of course you will learn how to measure all of ingredients in grams (not in cups) on a food scale.

Step 2: Mixing the bread dough. First you will incorporate ingredients, but the most important is to develop the structure of the bread dough. You will knead by hand!

Step 3: Fermentation. You will learn how to ferment the bread dough (in Italian "lievitazione")

Step 4: Shaping. When the bread dough is raised it is time to shape the bread pieces. Then the final fermentation is important.

Step 5: Baking.

Bread Workshops in Italy

Bread Baking Classes in Italy

Join us for a hands on Bread Class (we offer one day bread classes or 3 day bread course or a week long bread and baking course)

Our Bread Baking Cooking Classes are only upon request (maximum 8-10 people). We work all the year round. 

Remember that we offer cooking classes only for small groups (maximum 8-10 people), so asap book a bread baking cooking class. And please inquire for rates and availability.



If you are interested to learn how to make not only bread but delicious sweet pastries, biscotti, Italian Desserts, please visit our webpage

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Sourdough Bread Course Italy

Bread Baking Class Italy

Bread Baking Class Italy

Bread Baking Class Italy

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