Expo 2015 - Milan (May 1st - October 31st, 2015). A must-do event is to book a special cooking class with the Chef Mama Isa at her cooking school at Padova Italy | Isa Cook in Padua


Expo Cooking Class with Mama Isa about the art of cooking a healthy Italian meal.


Expo 2015 - Milan with the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" (May 1st - October 31st, 2015). 184 days with this giant Universal Exposition, expecting over 20 million visitors!!!!! The theme of nutrition is so important and of course it is so important the education for food.

Expo 2015 Milan - Cooking Class with Mama Isa


So the Chef Mama Isa will offer you special cooking classes "Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life. Educate yourself about cooking and food". The idea is to teach how to eat healthy and how to improve the food education with hands-on cooking classes.

If you want to change the Food System, the greatest thing you can do is to take a cooking class. So Mama Isa will design a fantastic cooking day to teach you how to cook a fresh and healthy Italian meal.

The food education is a solution against the problem of obesity. If you care about you or about your kids and their future, take a cooking course and learn how to educate yourself about cooking and food.

You can take a train MILAN-PADOVA (high speed train Milano Centrale Station at 08:05 am --> Padova Station at 10:12 am; or Milano Centrale Station at 09:05 am --> Padova Station at 11:12 am; Milano Centrale Station at 09:35 am --> Padova Station at 11:42 am Once arrived in Padova taxi transfer to Mama Isa's Cooking School (in just 10 minutes).

Then the EXPO COOKING CLASS for learning how to make a fresh, healthy Italian Meal (from scratch and hands-on): focaccia or pizza from scratch, fresh egg pasta fettuccine or ravioli, Ragù how to make the real Bolognese Sauce, or how to make a fantastic risotto from scratch ..... and at the end a delicious dessert: Tiramisù.

Lunch with the fruits of your cooking class.

In the afternoon taxi transfer to Padova Train Station and high speed train from Padova to Milan, after 2 hours you will be again at Milan. Or if you prefer you can stay for a night at Padova, one of the best art cities in the world!


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If you would like to schedule a cooking course, you can send directly an email isacookinpadua (at) gmail (dot) com

Please write the date, or time or period and your interest about a cooking class: we will reply as soon as possible!!!

REMEMBER WE ARE AVAILABLE upon request ALL THE YEAR not only during the Expo 2015) here

Maximum  8-10 people. Everybody receives personal attention!

Menu will be adapted on your tastes!

The cooking class is completely hands-on and from scratch!

Reservation by email: isacookinpadua (at) gmail (dot) com


Also you could take a SIX DAY COOKING COURSE. Find more info here:

Expo 2015 Milan - Cooking Class in Italy with Mama Isa


Expo Cooking Classes in Italy

Expo Cooking Classes in Italy Mama Isa

Milan Expo 2015 - Take a cooking class in Italy with Mama Isa

Expo 2015 Milan - Cooking Class in Italy with Mama Isa

Expo 2015 Milan - Take a cooking class with Mama Isa in Italy near Venice Padua

Milan Expo 2015 - Cooking School in Padua near Venice with Mama Isa

Expo 2015 Milan Italy - Pizza Cooking School with Mama Isa near Venice Padua Italy

Expo 2015 Milan - Pasta Cooking Class with Mama Isa near Venice in Italy Padua

Expo 2015 Milan - The art of pasta making at Mama Isa's Cooking Classes near Venice Italy

Expo 2015 Milan Italy - Cooking Class with Mama Isa

Expo 2015 Milan - Must do Take a cooking class with Mama Isa

Expo 2015 Milan - Take a cooking class with Mama Isa Pasta Workshop

Expo 2015 Milan - Fresh Spaghetti with Carbonara Sauce at Mama Isa's Cooking School





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