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Featured on the NYTimes as one of the 5 best gelato classes in Italy. If you are a Gelato Lovers, take a class and learn the art of Gelato Making


All year long we offer gelato classes


The New York Times has featured us as one of the 5 best gelato classes in Italy

Gelato Class

Are you a Gelato Lovers? Learn the art of Gelato Making, for one day or more days, in small groups (maximum 8-10 people).

Spend a day in chef Mama Isa's kitchen and learn about the Italian Gelato.

Mama Isa's Cooking School offers a real experience on Italian-style Gelato.



• Hands-on (not a demonstration) gelato classes cover authentic, traditional Gelato recipes using organic, fresh, and natural ingredients from the daily farm market (not preservatives);


• We have 2 hours gelato classes or 4 hours classes or more days (3 to six);


• Technical Overview;


• Raw Materials;


• Equipment Introduction;


• Presentation of Gelato Ingredients: Whole Milk, Eggs (but sometimes no eggs), Nut Pastes, Fresh Fruits from the farm market, Vanilla Sugar, and secret Gelato Ingredients! All the ingredients are natural, no preservatives or addictives or colourings;


• Lesson About Italian Gelatos: Cream Based Gelatos, Egg Based Gelatos, Fruit Based Gelatos, Nut Based Gelatos, Sorbetti, Granita;


• Family Gelato Recipes;


• A gelato instructor and chef (speaking English fluently) and a sous-chef;


• Recipes in English;


• Taught in English;


• Every gelato class is fun and instructive;

.... and much more!

Homemade Gelato Stracciatella



• History of Italian Gelato

• The difference between Ice Cream and Gelato

• The importance of good and fresh ingredients

• Informations about the Gelato Equipment and Gelato Machines

• During One Day Gelato Class (we have a few different options: 2 hours, 4 hours, more days) you will learn three different flavors


Homemade Gelato Cones


• Gelato is made with less cream than normal ice cream, which means gelato has less fat. Gelato usually has a butterfat content of around 3 to 8 percent, lower than American ice cream, but considerably higher than either sorbetto-sherbet!

• Take your gelato-making to the next level in this Gelato Class on essential methods, ingredients, and recipes.


Location: Veneto region - Venice area - Italy



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• The first gelatos go back about 12,000 years ago: in Mesopotamia, slave runners traveled up to hundreds kilometers to collect snow and ice used to cool drinks served during ceremonies or royal banquets.


• Many centuries later in an Italian Island - Sicily - during the 11th century, the Arabs developed "shrb", a sort of sugar syrup, made with snow (from Mount Etna), sugar, flowers and fruit. "Shrb" is the first "sorbetto" 'sorbet'. In Sicily sorbetto become very popular under Arab rule with more than 400 different kinds of flavors for their sorbets.


• But the modern Italian gelato begins many years later. During the Renaissance a famous chemist and alchemist Cosimo Ruggieri created the first "fiordilatte gelato" (milk creamy gelato) at the court of the Medici family in Florence.


• Egg Custard Cream (Gelato alla Crema) was invented by Bernardo Buontalenti - an architect.


• In 1686 Francesco Procopio de Coltelli - a Sicilian - opened the first "gelateria" in Paris. The name of this so famous gelateria was "Café Le Procope". He added coarse sea salt to the ice to chill the preparations more quickly. On the Café Procope Menù Parisians enjoyed not only gelatos and sorbets (“lemon gelato”, "strawberry sorbet" or “orange gelato”) but the delicious "acque gelate" (Sicilian Granitas).


• Sorbets and Gelatos were super expensive because for making them the gelato makers ("gelataio") needed to use a lot of ice and coarse sea salt - very expensive.


• Filippo Baldini - a phisician from Naples - wrote a book where he declared that sorbets and gelatos were healthy for soul and for body.

History of Gelato - Café Procope Paris

Homemade Gelato Class

Recently Shivani Vora - a famous contributor to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic Traveler, T Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler and Departures - has featured our cooking school one of the the best accredited culinary schools about the art of gelato making. Click here


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Pistachio gelato

Artisanal Gelato Class in Italy near Venice with Mama Isa


Gelato Class

Gelato Class

Gelato Class

Gelato Class

Gelato Class in Italy

Gelato Class in Italy

Homemade Gelato Cones

Gelato Class

Gelato Class in Italy

Gelato Class

Gelato Class

Gelato Class