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Dream of making fresh pasta from scratch? Make your dream a reality. We will teach you the secrets in our pasta class in Italy.



Pasta Classes Italy Venice


We offers a huge range of pasta classes.

All made from special selected different types of flour and of course other ingredients.

You can learn local pastas and new different pasta, whatever your heart desire!

Discover the Art of Fresh Pasta Making

The Long Story, the Extravagant Variety of Shapes and Different Preparation Techniques, the Large Variety of Names by Which Tt Is Known, the Different Doughs and Fillings

For further information on the rich cultural heritage of Italy’s Pasta, see below (=> lower on the webpage).


The Art of Pasta Making in Italy





Learn to make egg based pasta dough Tagliatelle Pasta Class and stretching the dough with a manual pasta machine. Instead of yellow egg pasta, we can teach you how to make green egg pasta (made with Spinach, nutmeg, 00 flour, egg) from scratch. You will make tagliatelle pasta as well as a pasta sauce (i.e. Bolognese sauce Ragù or Arrabbiata Sauce or Cacio e Pepe Sauce or Real Alfredo Sauce or Puttanesca Sauce or real delicious Marinara sauce or Carbonara sauce or Duck bolognese sauce Ragù or Walnut and Gorgonzola sauce or Four Cheeses Sauce). Instead of Tagliatelle & Fettuccine, we can cut the pasta in Pappardelle, or Mafaldine (we can adapt the menu for vegan or vegetarian people)


Learn to make egg based pasta dough Tagliatelle Pasta Class By Hand and stretching the dough with a special long rolling pin like the old traditional authentic way. Mama Isa is a "sfoglina" so she will teach you how to roll tagliatelle by hand.

Check this --> page to see step by step how to roll pasta by hand. No pasta machine. You will make tagliatelle pasta as well as a pasta sauce (i.e. Bolognese sauce or Arrabbiata Sauce or Cacio e Pepe Sauce or Real Alfredo Sauce or Puttanesca Sauce or real delicious Marinara sauce or Carbonara sauce). On the menu: Or Tagliolini or Tagliatelle & Fettuccine, or Pappardelle, or Mafaldine with a delicious pasta sauce from scratch (we can adapt the menu for vegan or vegetarian people).

3- RAVIOLI CLASS (2 - 1/2 hrs)

Do you like spinach and ricotta Ravioli? Ravioli Class In this special Ravioli class you will learn how to make egg pasta, how to make the Ravioli filling, how to make the ravioli from scratch, and how to make a delicious ravioli sauce: Butter, Sage, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. On the menu: Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli served with Butter, Sage, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese sauce.


Do you like fresh egg pasta fettuccine Fettuccine Ravioli Pasta Class and stuffed pasta ravioli or anolini or agnolotti? In this special class you will learn to make 2 types of fresh pastas: one is tagliatelle-fettuccine and the other one Spinach and Ricotta ravioli or cooked Prosciutto and Ricotta Agnolotti or Anolini filled with either a meat or squash filling. And you will learn how to make two different pasta sauces from scratch. On the menu: Tagliatelle - Fettuccine with the pasta machine and stuffed pasta ravioli (or anolini or agnolotti) with 2 delicious pasta sauces from scratch.

5- GNOCCHI CLASS (2 hrs)

Learn how to make your own fresh gnocchi. Gnocchi Class On the menu: or POTATO GNOCCHI with a lovely sauce or Ricotta Gnocchi with a sauce Potato Gnocchi with a Sauce.


How to Make the Perfect Tortellini: a treasure of Italian cuisine.Tortellini Pasta ClassDuring the class you can learn: - how to make FRESH EGG PASTA for TORTELLINI - how to make a delicious filling with prosciutto crudo Parma DOP, parmigiano reggiano cheese, nutmeg, pork loin and mortadella di Bologna DOP. - or with a fantastic PASTA SAUCE from scratch (Butter, Cream, Sage, Prosciutto and Parmigiano reggiano sauce) or in broth (in brodo).

7- FRESH PASTA SPAGHETTI ALLA CHITARRA CLASS with an authentic Roman Sauce (2 hrs)


During this class you will learn how to make Spaghetti alla Chitarra Pasta Class Spaghetti alla chitarra (literally translates to 'guitar spaghetti', also known as tonnarelli or maccheroni alla chitarra). It is pressed into long, square-shaped spaghetti strands using a stringed chitarra pasta cutter (by hand). The lesson is hands on. And you will learn how to make one of the most famous Roman pasta sauces in the world. On the menu: Spaghetti alla Chitarra with a famous Roman Sauce (authentic Carbonara sauce or Guanciale Tomato Amatriciana sauce or Gricia sauce or Cacio e Pepe Sauce or Puttanesca Sauce or Arrabbiata Sauce


Learn to make egg based pasta dough Garganelli Pasta Class. We can teach you how to make egg pasta for garganelli (made with egg, nutmeg, 00 flour, Parmigiano reggiano cheese) from scratch. You will make garganelli pasta as well as a pasta sauce (i.e. Bolognese sauce Ragù or Arrabbiata Sauce or Cacio e Pepe Sauce or Real Alfredo Sauce or Puttanesca Sauce or real delicious Marinara sauce or Carbonara sauce or Peas, Cream and Speck or Prosciutto sauce). Then you will make the Prosciutto and Ricotto Agnolotti (we can adapt the menu for vegan or vegetarian people)


Learn to make the dough Culurgiones Pasta Class. We can teach you how to make this famous stuffed pasta from Sardinia culurgiones from scratch. You will make the filling and then you will stuff this special stuffed pasta as well as a pasta sauce (we can adapt the menu for vegan or vegetarian people)


Learn to make the dough Corzetti Pasta Class. We can teach you how to make this famous pasta from Liguria region from scratch. You will make by hand corzetti pasta as well as a pasta sauce (we can adapt the menu for vegan or vegetarian people)

11- BIGOLI CLASS (2 hrs)

Learn to make the bigoli dough Bigoli Class. The bigoli pasta [pronounce BEE-goh-lee] are a type of Veneto's fresh pasta: a thick long pasta, originally made with flour, durum wheat semolina, eggs. Thanks to their roughness, they easily absorb delicious sauces: you can learn a few classic pasta sauces, as 'Ragù co l’Arna’ a delicious duck meat ragù, or the famous Venetian sauce ‘Salsa,’ features extra virgin olive oil, onion, pine nuts, raisins, and sardines preserved in evoo (chopped and stirred sardines add a lovely, subtle, salty umami). The savory umami flavor of 'Salsa' is very distinct from the other four basic tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. You will learn how to use an old ‘torchio’ also called 'bigolaro' - a hand crank operated bronze extruder fixed to a wooden bench. ON THE MENU: You will make by homemade bigoli as well as a pasta sauce (we can adapt the menu for vegan or vegetarian people)

12- OTHER PASTAS (3 - 4 hours)


Are you curious to learn other regional pasta specialties?Other Pasta Classes This is your class. We will teach you how to make a few different uncommon but authentic fresh pastas. Some examples: Gnudi (Toscana), Canederli (Trentino and Italian Tyrol), Spinach Gnocchetti Tirolesi Spâtzle (Italian Tyrol), Buckwheat Pizzoccheri (Valtellina - Lombardia), Malloreddus (Sardinia), Orecchiette (Puglia), Fileja (Fusilli Homemade Pasta from Calabria), Maccheroni al Pettine (Emilia Romagna), Farfalle Stricchetti (Bow Tie Pasta from Emilia Romagna), Trofie (Liguria), Ingannapreti (Emilia Romagna), Black Pasta fettuccine (Venice), Pici (Tuscany), Fusilli al Ferretto, and so much more. Recipes change with the seasons. On the menu: Two different types of pasta with two different pasta sauces.

13- LASAGNA CLASS (3 hrs)

(Click above ↑ for more info about the Lasagna Class) Lasagna Class This Lasagna Cooking Class will keep you engaged with Italian recipes for a traditional and genuine and authentic Lasagna with Bolognese meat sauce Ragu' from scratch. You will learn how to: -How to make a good Bolognese Sauce Ragù; -The secrets to make a special Italian Bechamel Sauce (Besciamella in Italian); -How to make the fresh green pasta and the lasagna noodles; -Ideas for lasagna fillings; - How to bake the traditional Lasagna.


(Click above ↑ for more info about the pasta diploma course) Pasta Diploma Course We offer a Week Long Pasta Diploma Course with accommodation (or without accommodation). A special pasta course about the old art of pasta making from scratch and pasta sauces from scratch. Every day for a week different pastas from scratch with different pasta fillings or pasta sauces.


Pasta Classes in Italy


Location: Veneto region - Venice area - Italy



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The Art of Pasta Making in Italy



Our Pasta Making Classes are only UPON REQUEST. If you are interested in joining our Pasta Cooking Class (many options) or a pasta cookery course (3 day-long or 6 day-long), please check our availability by email and process your request as soon as possible. Remember that we offer pasta cooking classes or long pasta course only for small groups (but maximum 8-10 people), so asap book a pasta class.


Pasta Class in Italy

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Pasta Class in Italy


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Pasta Making Is an Integral Part of intangible Cultural Heritage of Italy

• Pasta Making is a marker of our cultural identity.

• Pasta comes in a wide range of widths, doughs, shapes, fillings and lengths, including - not only the fettuccine or tagliatelle - but also garganelli - penne, orecchiette, malloreddus, spaghetti alla chitarra, bigoli, anolini, ingannapreti, lasagna..... and much more.

• The History of Different Variety of Pastas is unique.

• Italy is composed of 21 large regions: every region, every town, every family - mostly in the past, not now - transmitted a different pasta knowledge with thousands of different pasta recipes.

• Pasta Making reflects the diversity of the history of Italy, with its many different economic, social and historical realities.

• Pasta Making is a pillar of Italy’s rich culinary tradition.

• Pasta making is - in our opinion - an "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity", because includes elements that highlight the diversity of cultural heritage, the diversity of pasta making processes and raise awareness as to its importance.

• The pasta traditions are transmitted through parent-child relationships.

• Pasta Traditions and pasta knowledge are passed on within the family through practice and observation.

• Traditionally, pasta knowledge and pasta skills are transmitted within families.


Pasta Classes in Italy

The Disappearing Art of Making Pasta from Scratch

Italy's modernization has come quickly and it is inevitable that much of the culture of the pasta will cease to exist.

Italians eat beween 30 and 44 kilos (66 - 97 pounds) of pasta a year for every man, woman and child in the country. Many Italians have one pasta meal a day!

But Italians eat not fresh homemade pasta every day, but dried factory made pasta.

Isn't that incredible?

“We lament,” Chef Isa says. “The general loss of pasta culture by hand and from scratch.”

“So our dream is to share with you the mastering of extraordinary pasta making.


“The best thing you can eat in your life is fresh homemade pasta, in its different forms and shapes," Chef Isa says. “In my opinion it’s a family moment, in remembrance of my mother and also my grandmother Elisa.”

Pasta Class in Italy

Pasta Class in Italy

Why Are Pasta Classes Worth Attending?

Absolutely YES. Here’s why:

• 1-:Pasta Making is an integral part of identity and intangible heritage in Italy!

• 2-: You will learn indispensable skills instead of simple recipes;

• 3-:You will make egg pastas, pasta dough made with just whites egg, pasta dough made with just yolks, and pasta dough made with different flour, and different ingredients or nothing more than water;

• 4-:You will make homemade pastas, in many shapes, in different sizes and - of course - textures, as well as different flavors and colors;

• 5-:With us the task of pasta making will become less intimidating;

• 6-:We will teach you not only how to create traditional old types of pasta but also how to use different flours and different ingredients;

• 7-:A pasta class explains why classic authentic pastas work and how to create your own classics.

Pasta Equipment

Of course, understanding everything about pasta making could take a lifetime, but you’ll get incredible results just by attending a pasta class with us in our cooking school!

Cooking Classes in Italy


• 1-:Fresh Pasta Doughs;

• 2-:Kneading of Doughs;

• 3-:Rolling the fresh pasta not only with the manual pasta machine but in a special pasta class with the traditional long pasta rolling pin. Look how to roll the fettuccine only with a rolling pin click ---> HERE;

• 4-:Pasta Fillings;

• 5-:Pasta Sauces.



Pasta Classes in Italy


Pasta Classes Italy Venice

Mama Isa is a sfoglina (pasta maker): she uses to make fresh pasta with eggs every day for her family and for her guests! Mama Isa's Pasta Class: the place to find authentic and richly flavored fresh pasta handmade.


Pasta Class in Italy

Pasta making is an art! It involves technique as well as balance. It is a dance!!!! It is a symphony!!!!! Pasta Classes for Pasta Lovers, Foodies and Foodie Travelers!



Remember if you are interested in a long experience, we have a special pasta diploma course (a week program). Please click our webpage --->"Pasta Diploma"



Pasta Class in Italy

Homemade Tortellini

Making Pasta by Hand

Pasta Making in Italy

Pasta Making Classes in Italy


Homemade Spinach Pasta

Fettuccine from scratch

Homemade Garganelli Pasta

Homemade Garganelli Pasta

Spaghetti alla Chitarra

Homemade Spaghetti alla Chitarra

Egg Yolk Raviolo

Homemade Ravioli

Ravioli from scratch

Homemade Garganelli

Fresh Homemade Pasta

Homemade Bow Tie Pasta

Homemade Corzetti Pasta

Homemade Cavatelli