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Are you planning your honeymoon in Venice Italy or are you planning to visit Venice with your partner? Take a Romantic Cooking Class with Mama Isa. Venice - from gondola rides to marriage proposals near the Palazzo Ducale - it is one of the most romantic cities in the world.

A Romantic Cooking Day with Chef Mama Isa: this is one of the special cooking class created by Mama Isa for Newlyweds or Couples.

Romantic Cooking Class is taught in Italian or in English and length is or 4-5 hours or 7-8 hours. Mama Isa, your Cooking Class Teacher, can offer you a private Romantic cooking lesson during your honeymoon or your trip in Venice.

Do you love to entertain, cook or appreciate the pleasure of Italian food? Mama Isa's in-home Cooking School is the place to indulge your "culinary" passions. The Romantic Classes are PRIVATE and for cooks of all levels. Enjoy a romantic culinary lesson and taste at the end the perfect romantic meal with your wife or with your husband or with your "special someone". Mama Isa's Recipes all look yum and delicious "deliziose"!

After enjoying your fabulous romantic class, you’ll end the romantic meal with the special Mama Isa's Tiramisu drizzled generously with cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate. Che buono!!!! Mama Isa's Tiramisu is the perfect ending to a memorable romantic day!Mama Isa's Tiramisu

Mama Isa will learn you how to cook with Culinary Aphrodisiacs such as shrimps, wild Porcini mushrooms and Prosecco.

Romantic Cooking Classes in Italy near Venice with Mama Isa

Romantic Cooking Classes in Italy near Venice with Mama Isa

Mama Isa's Romantic Cooking Classes in Venice Italy


Each of Romantic Cooking Day includes:

1- "BRINDISI DI BENVENUTO" a sort of Mama Isa's Welcome Drink

2- Fifteen minutes to organize the Mama Isa's kitchen. Mama Isa's Romantic Cooking Classes in Venice Italy

3- four hours or seven hours of Romantic Cooking Lesson only for 2 people.

4- each cooking session ends with a delicious sit-down meal (lunch time or dinner time, with a fine selection of Italian white or red wines DOC or DOCG or other beverages included. At the end: Grappa or Homemade Limoncello or Mirto and Italian Coffee Espresso).


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Romantic Cooking Class

Romantic Cooking Class

Romantic Cooking Class in Venice

Romantic Cooking Class with Mama Isa in Italy near Venice


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