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Mama Isa's Six Day Cookery Course: ideal for travelers wishing to learn the essentials of Italian cooking. Exclusive Six Day Cooking School Holiday in Northern Italy near Venice - Padova. Completely hands-on and in English.

6 day Cooking Vacations in Italy near Venice with Mama Isa Padua


Cooking Course in Italy Venice area


7 days 6 nights Cooking Vacations in Italy near Venice with Mama Isa Padua

Six-Day Cooking Course in Italy, near Venice - Our one week course is perfect for those wishing to immerse themselves in a cooking holiday in Italy: This is Mama Isa's best cooking course. At the end of each cooking lesson, you will sit down and enjoy the meal with drinks or wine pairings.

Cooking Class is taught in English and length is about 4-5 hours per day. Mama Isa, your Cooking Class Instructor, can offer you a private cooking course of 6 days (please tell me your cooking interests: fresh pasta, pizza from scratch, lasagna, ravioli, fettuccini, bread baking, sauces, desserts, tiramisu, panna cotta....).

The classes are for cooks of all levels and the course is ideal for learning some of the best Italian recipes.

It is also possible to bring along a non-participating partner who can join you at lunchtime or dinnertime.

Six Day Cooking Classes in Italy near Venice with Mama Isa

Program: 6 days - Monday to Saturday or Sunday to Friday (or Friday to Wednesday - or Saturday to Thursday or other days UPON REQUEST BY email). Please don't hesitate to contact us to ask if we have availability.

6 day cooking vacation in Italy Venice

Cooking Vacations in Italy Venice

HERE ARE SOME DISHES YOU WILL LEARN FROM SCRATCH (usually every day you learn how to cook from scratch 3-5 recipes):

HANDMADE PASTAS: Tagliatelle / Fettuccine - Homemade Penne - Ricotta Gnocchi-Tagliolini- Angel Hair - Pappardelle - Maltagliati - Strozzapreti- Potato Gnocchi- Spinach Gnocchi - Lasagne - Cannelloni - Crespelle with Spinach and Ricotta - Tortelloni - Tortellini - Ravioli - Gnoccone (a sort of Potato Gnocchi Roll) - Baked Pasta - Maccheroni or Tonnarelli alla Chitarra - Corzetti

SAUCES: Bolognese Sauce - Cacio e Pepe Sauce - Sausages Tomato Sauce - Duck Ragu - Carbonara Sauce - Arrabbiata Sauce - Puttanesca Sauce - Clam Sauce - Amatriciana Sauce - White Sauce Bechamel- Marinara Sauce - Mussels Sauce - Buzara Sauce

STUFFINGS FOR PASTA: Ricotta and Spinach - Potatoes and Parmigiano Reggiano - Pumpkin Zucca and Amaretti Cookies - Traditional Tortellini Meat Stuffing with Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, Mortadella, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

RISOTTOS : Asparagus Risotto - Tomato Risotto - Porcini Mushroom Risotto - Chianti Risotto - Risotto alla Milanese (with Saffron) - Risotto with Radicchio - Gorgonzola Risotto - Sausages Risotto - Artichokes Risotto - Zucchini Risotto - Clam Risotto - Shrimp Risotto - Seafood Risotto

SOUPS: Potatoes and Mushroom Soup - Onion Soup - Pasta and Borlotti Beans - Chickpeas Soup - Minestrone HOUSE PATE: Tuna Pate - Salmon Pate - Seafood Pate - Chicken Liver Pate - Rabbit Pate - Smoked Salmon and Mascarpone Pate - Artichokes Pate - Asparagus Pate

SALADS & VEGETABLE: Artichokes, Asparagus, Radicchio, Salad, Puntarelle, Kale, Swiss Chard, Eggplants, Fennel,.....

MAIN COURSES: Beef Stew - Veal Stew (Spezzatino)- Pork Sirloin In Milk Sauce - Meatball Polpette in Venetian style - Fennel Tart with Bechamel - Spinach Flan- Potato Sformato - Involtini di Pollo - Seafood and Shellfish (Branzino, Orata, Seascallops in their shells, Mussels, Clams, Fresh Octopus, Fresh Anchovies), Chicken in Hunter's style

BREAD & PIZZA: Bruschetta - Pane Homemade Bread - Panini - Stuffed Panini - Grissini - Focaccia (With Different Servings)- Pizza (With Different Seasonings) - Puccie - Farinata with Chickpea Flour - Panzerotti - Piadina - Torta al Testo

DESSERTS: Almond Biscotti - Tiramisu - Zuppa Inglese - Chocolate Mousse - Ricotta Tart Pie - Ricotta Cake - Apple Cake - Zabaglione - Venetian Biscotti - Ciambella della nonna - Yogurth Cake

Learn to cook the Italian food that you'll love to eat.


Only a few spaces on our 6 day cooking course in Italy see the calendar below:


Year 2018

-) December 3 - 8 2018;

-) December 10 - 15 2018;

-) December 17 - 22 2018;

-) December 26 - 31 2018;


Year 2019

-) January 7 - 12;

-) January 14 - 19;

-) January 21 - 26;

-) January 28 - February 2;

-) February 4 - 10;

-) February 11 - 17;

-) February 18 - 24;

-) February 25 - March 2;

-) March 4 - 9;

-) March 11 - 16;

-) March 18 - 23;

-) March 25- 30;

-) April 1 - 6;

-) April 8 - 13;

-) April 15 - 20;

-) April 22 - 27;

-) April 29 - May 4;

-) May 6 - 11;

-) May 13 -18;

-) May 20 - 25;

-) May 27 - June 1;

-) June 3 - 8;

-) June 10 - 15;

-) June 17 - 22;

-) June 24 - 29;

-) July 1 - 6;

-) July 8 - 13;

-) July 15 - 20;

-) July 22 - 27;

-) July 29 - August 3;

-) August 5 - 10;

-) August 12 - 17;

-) August 19 - 24;

-) August 26 - 31;

-) September 2 - 7;

-) September 9 - 14;

-) September 16 - 21;

-) September 23 - 28;

-) September 30 - October 5;

-) October 7 - 12;

-) October 14 - 19;

-) October 21 - 26;

-) October 28 - November 2;

-) November 4 - 9;

-) November 11 - 16;

-) November 18 - 23;

-) November 25 - 30;

-) December 2 - 7;

-) December 9 - 14;

-) December 16 - 21;


We offer 6 day cooking course upon request. So please if you want to reserve another week for the next YEAR 2018 or YEAR 2019 please email us soon! Don't hesitate to contact the Cooking School.


Other dates on demand.


About a 8 days Immersione Cooking Retreat see our webpage here:


Our email is

isacookinpadua (at) gmail (dot) com


To contact Mama Isa, please click the link ---> CONTACT US or by phone send a text (our mobile is +39 339 2672571) or send us an email, click --->HERE


We are all used to communicate with our friends via WhatsApp. Chat with us via Whatsapp +39 339 26 72 571 - +39 is the Italy code - For Cooking Course Bookings and Enquiries Only. Whatsapp

Contact us soon with WHATSAPP



 One Week Cooking Course at Mama Isa's Cooking Classes near Venice Padua Italy

Accomodation in Our Elegant Apartments - Padua near Venice (Veneto region) Italy: We are so glad to announce that we have completely renovated 2 nice elegant and large flats: CLICK HERE:

A 6 Day Cooking Course Includes:

1- Historical Explainations About Italian Regional Food, Culture and History

2- 6 Hands-On Lessons (every day 4-5 hours) in English

3- Professional Cooking Class Teacher

4- Lunch every day with the fruit of the cooking class

5- Wine and other beverages at lunch

6- Recipes (an electronic copy)

7- Wine Tastings

8- Mama Isa's Graduation Certificate

9- Accomodation: 5 nights (upon request 6 nights ----> see our webpage here:

10- Food Market Tour (Padua Food Markets are the oldest food markets in the world 1218-2018! 800 years old)


ABOUT THE ACCOMODATION (you will stay in one of our lovely apartments)

Apartment Amenities:

Bed linen provided

Towels and Bathrobe



Large Fridge and Freezer


Kitchen utensils provided

Television in the dining room

Hair dryer radio/CD player

Air Conditioning or heating

Smoking area on the terrace (not inside the apartment)




Why Book With Us: In the heart of the One of the Best Art Cities in Italy ----> Padua (in Italian Padova)

Elegant apartments In a very quite and green area;

Warm italian hospitality;

A few minutes by walking from the Historical Area of Padua;

200m to Bus Station


We have 2 apartments of 100 square meters. They can accommodate from 2 to 4 people. 

Apartment for rent in Padua Padova (near Venice) Veneto region Italy - Mama Isa Cooking School

Apartment for rent in Padua (Padova) near Venice Veneto region Italy - Mama Isa's Cooking School


6 Day Cooking Vacations in Italy near Venice - Cooking Classes in Padua with Mama Isa

One week Cooking Vacations in Italy near Venice - Cooking Classes in Padua with Mama Isa

6 day cooking course in Italy

The Art of Pasta Making in Italy with Mama Isa





- Accommodation (5 nights)

- Daily espresso coffee or tea or cappuccino and cookies at the Mama Isa's Cooking School (at 09:30 am) before starting the cooking class

- A large, healthy meal (lunch and wine and drinks) per day in the Mama Isa's Cooking School (during the cooking classes)

- Italian spice box and apron

- All scheduled 6 cooking classes (every morning at 10:00 am - The classes are 4-5 hours daily)

- A recipe booklet

- Cooking certificate

- Free wifi at the cooking school



- International flights and visas

- Arrival and departure airport transfers (but we can help you with important information how to get here; the best airport is Venice, and from Venice you can take a shuttle bus and in only 45 minutes you are here!)

- Tipping - an entirely personal gesture

- Laundry service

- Local car hire

- Drinks, items of a personal nature

- Travel insurance

- Any other services or activities not stated in the program



week cooking course in Italy Venice at Mama Isa Cooking School

6 day cooking course in Italy Venice Mama Isa

You can get personalized attention and individual instruction from the Chef and the atmosphere is always friendly, fun, relaxed and warm to make you feel comfortable and at home!

Please see Mama Isa's Photos and Mama Isa's Recipes on Pinterest:

My Cooking Classes are based in Padova, near Venice Italy, in the region Veneto.

The menu will be adapted on your tastes and the cooking lessons are completely HANDS-ON.

For any further questions (for example about other dishes or other cooking class options), don't hesitate to ask me!

Send an email and book a 6 day cooking course!

isacookinpadua (at) gmail (dot) com


Bread Baking Class at Mama Isa's Cooking School in Italy - Panini from scratch

Cooking Classes in Italy

Cooking Classes in Italy


Pizza Making Classes in Italy in Venice with Mama Isa


Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Italy near Venice in Padova

Cooking School in Italy

Mama Isa offers not only 6 day Cookery Courses but also 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 days. So please email us about a short cookery course with Mama Isa.

She is always pleased to design just the right COOKING PROGRAM to meet your specific cooking goals.

Two and three, or four or five days cooking lessons and cookery course long weekends at a well equipped homey cookery school in Padova in Venice area Italy.

Our 2, and 3-DAY COOKERY COURSES or 4, and 5-DAY COOKING COURSE are run on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday or another dates UPON REQUEST. Available January to December - Monday to Sunday.

Learn to cook typical Italian Cuisine. Please remember OUR COOKING LESSONS are held all year round upon request: so please contact by email Mama Isa as soon as possible.

Kids can easily take part to our COOKING CLASSES as we have great experience in making them feel comfortable with cooking!

Please email us as soon as possible with your cooking request!

6 day culinary vacation in Italy near Venice

Cooking Class in Italy

6 day cooking classes in italy with Mama Isa near Venice cooking vacation

6 day cooking vacation in Italy Venice Mama Isa

Potato Gnocchi 6 day cookery course with Mama Isa near Venice Italy

Cooking Classes in Italy - The Art Of Pasta Making Fresh Penne Garganelli from scratch

Fresh Spaghetti with Black Ink and Tuna Sauce

Seafood and Shellfish Cooking Classes in Italy with Mama Isa

Cooking Classes in Italy

Cooking Classes in Italy Tiramisu Strawberry

 One week Cooking Course Italy Venice Padua Mama Isa


 Certificate of Excellence 2018 Tripadvisor at Mama Isa's Cooking School near Venice Italy Padua
 Certificate of Excellence 2018 Tripadvisor at Mama Isa's Cooking School near Venice Italy Padua


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