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MICHAEL & NATHALIE (England - UK): I am very pleased to be able to recommend my experience with Mama Isa's cooking lessons. I booked a surprise weekend for my husband's birthday in Venice. I decided to plan the days before our visit. I found Mama Isa's Cooking Classes which I searched for using google. Her website provides details of all her classes. I contacted Isa by email and she responded very quickly. After several emails (I asked her so many questions!) I was very happy to go ahead and book the class. I booked for the half day course and selected from a choice from Mama Isa's menu. She answered every single question and made many suggestions. She gave me clear instructions on how to arrive at her apartment,even train and bus time tables. When we arrived at her apartment, Isa introduced us both to her partner Stefano, who was lovely. They clearly worked as a team to make sure we were very comfortable and their hospitality was first class. Before starting the lesson we had drinks and nibbles which was a lovely surprise! Isa and Stefano was very organised and Isa is clearly experience is teaching people from all over the world. The pace was very comfortable, she gave clear instructions at every step. It was just like cooking in your own kitchen - no pressure at all. The attention to cleanliness was very impressive. The kitchen area and the rest of the apartment was spotless. Added to the enjoyable experience was the eating of the four course meal we prepared. We all sat down together and enjoyed the food along with a choice of very good wines. Marco, Isa's son, joined us too, he was very charming and we chatted happily. Once again it was just like being at home, sat around the table eating with friends you have known for some years. Isa and Stefano even took us back to the train station, which was a very kind gesture indeed. A most enjoyable, experience in Padova - Venice which I fully recommend!

HUGH (New Messico - USA): If you are going to visit Venice, there are many cooking classes in Venice area. I toke a cooking class with Isacookinpadua. I went to Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Padua, near Venice in 2011 and thought it was great as well as reasonably priced. I tell that the quality of the chef and the price are very good. The price includes the cooking class, a lunch afterwards with the same 6 course menu you were just taught, and a good Italian wine. As I remember Mama Isa does a different set of recipes each day and I regretted not being able to go back for a second cooking class. In my group there were only 2 people, and this is a good thing. We all had fun and Mama Isa was pretty tough on us to make sure we took the cooking lesson seriously and didn't fall behing the timetable. If you want a quick intro to how Italian people cook, I would recommend it!

MARION (New York - USA): My name is Marion and I'm from NY. Now I live in Rome and two weeks ago I went in Venice, for one week. This wonderful town offers many things to do, but I think there are five reasons to take a cooking class for one day, if you are an Italian foodies. The first reason: the cooking class will show you how to make several Italian specialties, some of which may be very difficult to find in Italian restaurants. The second reason: the Cooking teacher, native from the area, offers you the possibility to make with your hands one of your favourite Italian dish. The third reason: you can talk and ask every questions about Italian handmade recipes. The fourth reasons: after the cooking class you can taste the fruit of cooking lesson with a meal and a glass of Italian wine. The fifth reason: most cooking classes have a fun atmosphere. You can enjoy during the cooking class. So when I visited Venice, I decided to take a cooking class in Venice. I read many articles (in particular I read a review about Mama Isa's Supper Club by Fox News) and chose a cooking class near Venice, in the heart of Padova, only 30 minutes ride from Venice. Mama Isa offers many types of cooking classes. My passion is to eat "fettuccini", so I asked Mama Isa a cooking class to learn how to make the real homemade tagliatelle. I had a lot of fun taking the cooking lesson with Mama Isa. She made tagliatelle seem so easily reproducible. Mama Isa and I prepared tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce ragu and the cooking lesson was very relaxing and enjoying and the food was phenomenal (with my homemade tagliatelle and a delicious Mama Isa's Tiramisu). Now I am at Rome and I have just tried the Mama Isa tagliatelle at my home for my friends and it was very good, not really as Mama Isa's tagliatelle!!! Great cooking memories to take back with me. I recommended Mama Isa to every foodie travelers so they might be contacting Mama Isa's Cooking Classes.

DANNY & CAROL (California - USA): One of the biggest highlights of our trip to Venice was the amazing cooking class with Mama Isa. From the moment we arrived it was most lovely....and yummy!! Mama Isa's home was welcoming and delightful. The menu was wonderful and we learned many great tips and feel confident to make the food at home in California. It was like cooking with your sister or best friend. Mama Isa is very good at what she does and makes you feel you can really do this. We left full, happy and delighted to meet Isa and her wonderful son. Taking cooking classes while we travel has become a must for us. We find it a way to get to know more about the culture, food and the people. Mama Isa was so informative and fun. If you are every in the Venice area don't miss this experience. You will love everything about it!

RANDY & MARIA (Missouri – USA): Mama Isa's Half Day Cooking Class was a lot fun, informative and delicious! It was a great day!! An opportunity to enjoy a talented Chef in a comfortable setting... it was a wonderful cooking and dining experience. Mama Isa and Stefano made Randy and I feel right at home. Mama Isa is a great teacher. I will be making that fabulous Mama Isa's Tiramisu for a friend's birthday this weekend. Mama Isa's passion for food and cooking shined! Thanks so much for the awesome time. It will be a fond memory of our anniversary trip to Italy.

 Cheers! at Cooking Classes with Mama Isa near Venice, Italy

PAUL & AMY (Nebraska - USA): I'd always wanted to have an Italian cookery lesson in Italy (my favourite food destination), because my repertoire consisted of spaghetti al ragu and eating in the Italian restaurants! So my husband got me this cooking experience day as a gift for my birthday as a small part of my Italy tour. We had a wonderful time at the Mama Isa's cooking school and learnt how to make several nice Italian dishes (gnocchi, fettuccini....). At the end I sat at a beautiful table prepared by Isa and consumed the delicious meal with a glass of wine Prosecco. My next trip will include a stay at Isa's and a longer course. What a wonderful and fantastic food experience!!!

TOM & SUSAN (Florida - USA): Thank you so much for an amazing day!!!!! One of the most exciting things we have done in a long time, thank you so much! We had a cooking class and a dinner at Mama Isa's Cooking Class and Supper Club this Easter and were delighted!!!! The wine and food was extraordinary, and we had such a nice time getting to learn cooking like an Italian mama! Mama Isa's Cooking Classes near Venice: a perfect way to get inside tips, about what to do and where to go in Veneto or in Venice area. Thank you for this lovely experience!

BETTY (Hong Kong - CHINA): The best travels always involve dining at the home of a local who shops and cooks with the freshest local ingredients. Such opportunities are rare and I am so glad I stumbled upon Mama Isa's Cooking Class while traveling in Veneto! It was wonderful to meet a Venice native who is passionate about her culture and her food: it shows in her cooking. The elaborate nine-course seafood feast she prepared for me was based on her family recipes passed down through the generations, using the freshest lagoon cuttlefish, mussels, and sea bream she found in the market. They tasted far better than what I have had in restaurants and it was SO MUCH FUN watching her show me how she did it! Over the meal Mama Isa also explained the history and the meaning behind some of the dishes, which helped me appreciate them much better. I enjoyed the hearty meal and the conversation thoroughly - very obvious, since a three-hour event turned out to be five hours! I look forward to visiting Mama Isa again and trying other recipes from you!

ZDF German Television filmed Mama Isa's Cooking Classes near Venice Padova

MICHAEL (Oregon - USA): Last month, we visited Venice. We had a great time there for five days. We attended Mama Isa's Cooking class: it was a very special way to spend our vacation. We started with a BRINDISI DI BENVENUTO, a welcome drink with starters, salami, cheese....... Then Mama Isa taught us how to make the fresh Italian pasta. She was excellent! After that we had a delicious and special lunch! Thank Mama Isa so much for a day that will live forever in our memory as an incredible experience.

JERWIN & JENNIFER (Manila - PHILIPPINES): Dear Mama Isa, it's really amazing to have seen and experienced a REAL Italian Home where all meals are made from scratch! =) and such a lovely family you have... And most of all, thanks for sharing your secret recipes and teaching us how to make our favorite Italian dishes! =) We are still full from the 2 meals we had!!! =p Jerwin and I loved the risotto and tiramisuuuuu! =p YUMMMM Thank YOU so much... for the meals, the stories & the ride to the station! =) Warmest regards.... =)

BILL & DON (California - USA): Hello Mama Isa! We are doing great. Recovering from a big vacation. We had such a nice and educational day with you at your cooking class. We both decided that even with all the fancy and expensive restaurants we dined in during our tour of Barcelona, Paris and Venice, the best meal we had was at your house - at least partially - made with my own hands and lots of good guidance. Thanks so much for all the warmth and hospitality. It was a fantastic experience. I will be sure to let you know how it goes when I get to start getting serious in the kitchen and attempt to make some of the recipes I learned. Thank Mama Isa so much for a day that will live forever in our memory as an incredible experience.

EDMUND & JESSIE (Tennessee - USA): My husband and I decided to attend Mama Isa's Cooking Class while on our honeymoon in Venice. What a wonderful decision that was! We have a passion for pizza and were able to learn so many things about pizza making, ingredients, and the Italian culture from Mama Isa and her assistant Stefano. They even taught us about the wine we chose for our dinner! We had an absolute feast and had plenty to take home for lunch the following day! Not only did we learn how to make pizzas we made two wonderful friends! We will most certainly have cooking with Mama Isa at the top of our itinerary on our next visit to Italy... Pasta making for certain! Thank Mama Isa and Stefano for everything! We had a great time with the two of you! We went to the grocery yesterday to pick up ingredients for our first pizzas!!! Kisses and hugs! Jessie

BERTRAM & JENNI (GERMANY & USA): Dear Mama Isa, Thank you so much again for a wonderful weekend. The birthday gift for Jenni was great success. Both of us really loved your cooking class. We will definitely come back the next time we are in Padova. we are already making cooking plans for gnocchi, focaccia, pasta alla norma, and tiramisu for the time when we are back. The classes were so much fun, it was wonderful to meet you and your son, and we will be using these recipes for a long time to come! Hugs from both of us.

ADNAN & JAMILA (Muscat - OMAN): Dear Mama Isa, let me start by expressing our sincere thanks and appreciation. For us Italian recipes have been the source of the most favorite dishes on our table. While we were planning our trip to Italy, while most tourists will Google the most important touristic sites/cities, our task was to Google where we can come across good Italian cooking lessons. It didn't take us longer to realize that Mama Isa website has it all, nice design, reach information, and images to give you a glance of the presentation of the prepared dishes. When we attended the classes, it was obvious that choosing Mama Isa Cooking Lessons was no doubt asuccessful choice. It didn't take us longer to find out the personality and skills of Mama Isa in a real Italian kitchen. We learned a lot from Mama Isa cooking classes and we believe that we have met a good teacher and on top of that a good friend in Padova, Italy. It gives us a pleasure to see that Mama Isa is still in touch while we are in Oman and providing us more ideas. We strongly recommend Mama Isa cooking classes if someone want to learn Italian food in a real Italian home. We look forward to our next visit to Italy for more lessons.


CRYSTAL (Kaiserslautern - GERMANY): For anyone in the Vicenza/Padua area - or anyone visiting - this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I highly recommend! I spent over 4 hours with Mama Isa and her helpers on Sunday and not only learned how to make 4 yummy Italian dishes, I was also introduced to Italian culture in a way I would not have experienced in any other setting. Mama Isa customizes the class to fit your interests/likes and adds so much more than just recipes. You will learn how to cook, yes, but you will also learn how to enjoy eating! I highly recommend the pizza making class, although I'm kicking myself for not learning how to make pasta - that sounds like fun! And tiramisu! This "pick me up" dessert for lovers is soooo good and the recipe is a secret family recipe. So sign up for a class - it's small and intimate and you will not regret it!! Next on my list? Melanzane alla Parmigiana and pasta making!!

GUEIM and BARBARA (Palma Mallorca - SPAIN): Our cooking experience was very nice, interesting and very practical. Normally the newly married couple were to honeymoon in heavenly places, just to do nothing. We wanted something different and come to learn to make pizza with you was the best we could have done. We love the pizza and here and we know the secrets to make it, now we just need to practice a lot!! We learned a lot, and also did you treat us very well, as a member of your the family. Hope to return very soon!!! We are going to send your photos of our pizzas from Mallorca!!! Moltes gracies! Grazie!

DENNIS and TRACY (Massachusetts - USA): During our three week vacation to Italy, my husband and I had the pleasure of taking a cooking class with Mama Isa and her assistant Stefano. This was our second trip to Italy and we decided to take a few cooking classes this time. Our evening with Isa and Stefano was one of the highlights of our trip. We arrived in Padua by train from Venice and took in some sights as we walked to Mama Isa's. We wanted to take advantage of our trip to Padua for the cooking class by seeing some of the sights. There is a famous fruit market and the Scrovegni Chapel on the way to her home. We were greeted by Mama Isa and Stefano with an array of delicious appetizers. They had a lovely table setting ready for us and made us feel very comfortable and welcome in her home. They gave us an overview of the class while we relaxed and enjoyed a drink, and let me say again delicious appetizers, including Mama Isa's homemade sun-dried tomatoes which were fantastic! Then the cooking class began. Via e-mails with Mama Isa, I had chosen a menu of Italian dishes that I was interested in knowing how to make. She spent time not only teaching us how to work with the ingredients, but also giving information about the origin and history of each dish. We had a great time cooking, talking, and then eating together. We were having so much fun that we lost track of the time and almost missed our train back to Venice. We liked that the class was a hands on cooking lesson and not a demonstration. We also enjoyed that it was a private class just for us. The price was very reasonable and we highly recommend Mama Isa for anyone considering taking a cooking class while in the Veneto region. It was a great experience and a highlight of our trip! Dennis and Tracy

IRWIN and CHERYL (England - UK): Dear Mama Isa, thank you for the lovely warm experience we shared at your fish cooking class. It is now one week since we spent a very pleasant time with you learning about Italian cooking, food and culture as well as some travel tips! Discussing quality ingredients, cooking from scratch and enjoying the food and wine in your home was indeed a worthy experience. The couples cooking class comes highly recommended! Ciao Irwin

TED and LAUREN (New Mexico - USA): Dear Mama Isa, We had a wonderful time at your cooking class and learned to make many of our favorite authentic italian dishes. It is so nice to be able to return to our home country and make the dishes for our friends and family. Thanks, Lauren and Ted.

MARUSA and TJASA (SLOVENIA): Dear Isa, I want to thank you for the wonderful two cooking days in Padova. I hope we have learnt a lot -we will let you know if this is true when we repeat the whole procedure at home but I think we will succeed (except gnocchi, hehe:). Nevertheless we had a great time, you really put all your efforts in order to teach us cooking secrets and I hardly wait to come again - just have to compose the menu but I think there will be no troubles since there is so many gorgeous Italian food.... Best regards from Tjasa and me

GEOFF and DIANNE (Adelaide - AUSTRALIA): It is a pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend Mamma Isa's Cooking School. I would endorse what other reviewers have said and have added this: We both enjoy and cook Italian food frequently however we had never made pasta from scratch before. Isa is clearly very experienced, much of her cooking knowledge has been handed down from her mother, we were therefore fortunate to learn pasta making from a real expert. The spinach ravioli with a subtle sage butter sauce and the tagliatelle with porcini sauce were both fabulous, clearly the best pasta my wife and I have experienced and best of all we leant how to make it. Isa and Stefano were gracious hosts making us feel very much at home and are clearly passionate about Italian food and its traditions. We both look forward to being home so that we can begin making our own pasta! kind regards Geoff and Di.

BRYCE and KIM (Toronto - CANADA): Hi there, Bryce and I want to thank you for an amazing time today! We really enjoyed your company and your pasta dishes; we felt very welcome in your home!!! Thanks again, everything was wonderful :)Kim and Bryce

LEAH and LANI (USA) Dear Chef Isa, I highly recommend Chef Isa any time. Not many chefs would cater to 3 jet-lagged ladies from the USA, who hardly knew anything about Italian/Venetian cooking except for pasta in a box. She was extremely accomodating and flexible; she was not only great in lesson but was like preparing dinner with a family member. Despite having the class at her home, space is professional and charming, while maintaining a homey comfortable glow. Not only did I learn useful pointers and definitely new techniques (the pasta/tagliatelle-fettuccine and panzerotti making was a blast; I learned how easy it was and how much of an arm workout kneading is), the real value of this class for me (besides the great conversations with Chef Isa, who loves food & family; travel & sharing her experience and knowledge) was the creative jumpstart I felt toward creating new kinds of food at home. From prep to finish - panzerotti, pasta & sauce, preparing rabbit & polenta, whipping up tiramisu for dessert - were taught with easy and practical techniques from Chef Isa. We so enjoyed the surroundings and her stories of her cooking experiences, and before we knew it we were reminiscing about our own! Chef Isa's whole philosophy and approach is centered around something very authentic and humble; so if you're looking for an "iron chef" experience or to be smacked for holding a knife wrong, look elsewhere. She will, however, give you gentle pointers and plenty to walk away with, especially if you inquire about all the interesting accoutrements and ingredients in her kitchen. The class is an incredible value- like others have said you will eat (fashionably late) until you simply cannot, and then you will have dessert and grappa. Chef Isa selects simple ingredients and obviously prepared the class with much care and attention. It was a unique, so much fun experience I sincerely hope to do again! With fondest memories (oooh, the heat!), our best regards to you and your family. Lani & Leah & Co.

ISABEL and friends (California - USA): Looking for a good cooking class near Venice in Italy was a gamble. Your website stood out and was well put together. You were very efficient in responding to all the questions I had- from the menu, price and setting the date. August 21 trickled in and we did not know what to expect ! The bus ride from the hotel to your place was fun. You gave me a very warm welcome! Cooking in your kitchen made me very comfortable from the beginner to the advance students. It was like cooking in my house with an Italian flair. It was very homey. My menu,( with choice of good wines), pancerroti - hand made dough ; pasta, sauce, rabbit, polenta, tiramisu and grappa was taught with passion, ease, practical techniques and the best and simplest ingredients. All of my queries were all answered with history and detail. I had a blast! In the eight hour time I was with you, I was transported to your world - sharing your family history, photographs, your travels, cooking experiences and Italy. I had to take home the best formula-PASSION FOR COOKING , TECHNIQUES PLUS SIMPLE INGREDIENTS=CHEF ISA Now I know why you stood out!!!! I would like to make another class reservation for a party of three.... please Needless to say...Thank you for sharing your passion for cooking and Italy .... Priceless!!!! Isabel

VICTORIA (Calgary - CANADA): If you are looking for a truly authentic Italian experience to include in your tourism, then I would STRONGLY recommend Mama Isa's cooking classes. I chose the Fresh Pasta Making Course and it was a very rewarding experience. After reading her website, I already had good feelings about this class, but Isa had exceeded my expectations by far. You could feel her passion for Italian Cuisine the second you walked in the door and smelt her delicious, fresh Focaccia bread baking in her oven. I love how her classes are small so you really do get a hands on and thorough lesson. She welcomed you into her wonderful home and made you feel like family. You get to know her as a person and not just as an instructor. Not to mention her cooking skills, she is superb! I can't find the right words to describe how delicious the fresh made pasta was. My taste buds have never experienced the taste and satisfaction like they did that class. I know some Italians that were born and raised in Italy and STILL haven't tried fresh made pasta! This cooking class is definitely worth your time if you are in the Venezia region and I would strongly consider stopping in for an evening/day with Mama Isa. I can promise you that you will have a new perspective on Italian cuisine, rather than just eating in local restaurants. This is a unique experience. Unless you have Italian family, you would never find this way of cooking anywhere else. You truly feel like you are apart of her home, learning to cook traditional Italian recipes. Honestly, Mama Isa's class was so fulfilling and I will definitely be returning to her cooking class the next time I'm in Italy. -Victoria from Calgary, Canada

NEIL & HELEN (Victoria - AUSTRALIA): Ciao Bella!!!! We will never forget you!!! Our experience with you for the day was wonderful. You are such an accommodating, kind, helpful informative teacher. We both learnt very much from our time with you. You opened your heart and your home to us and we felt very welcome. You are a special person. We have told all our family and friends about you and our experience with you in your wonderful kitchen.I have made tiramisu and everyone loved it. I cannot purchase fresh yeast to make bread but I will try with dried yeast. I made your pasta and it was excellent, much better now that I rest it in the fridge for 30 mins and not use it immediately. Neil has made me a wooden pasta board and I have already used it. Thank you for the wonderful experience. We wish we were still there with you. Baciiiiii love. Helen and Neil - from Castlemaine Victoria, Australia

KATE & CINDY (Toronto, CANADA & USA): Mama Isa's Cooking Class in Italy near Venice has been one of the best experiences we have done during our study abroad! Mama Isa and her wonderful family will show you true Italian hospitality when they welcome you into their home. Isa is an extremely knowledgeable chef, and she is excellent teacher too! She used only the best and freshest ingredients and took plenty of time to explain each one to us, from exactly where her olive oil comes from to the difference between parmigiano reggiano and grano padano cheese!  The recipes were incredibly tasty, and with Mama Isa's techniques they were simple enough that we felt confident in trying them again at home. We will surely be making them again and again. The class was a true pleasure that we cannot recommend highly enough! Best, Kate and Cindy- from Canada & Usa

NANCY & KATHERINE (USA): Had a fabulous cooking class with Mama Isa today. Thank you so much to her and Stefano for welcoming us into their home today. If you ever get a chance to go to Padua you must take her class. We made focaccia with onions, spaghetti carbonara, salad and tiramisu and a "surprise" of fried stuffed bread (panzerotti). So good! Best, Nancy and Katherine - from Usa

PHIL & JANE (Sidney, AUSTRALIA): My 25 year old son and I recently attended a half day cooking class with Mama Isa. We were welcomed warmly into her home and had a delightful day learning how to prepare focaccia, risotto with porcini mushrooms, spaghetti carbonara and of course, tiramisu. Mama Isa was very patient and explained everything to us in great detail, and we were given printed recipes to take home. Most of the enjoyment of the day however came with the eating! For starters we had a selection of cheeses and meat, washed down with italian wine or spriz, and we then ate all the food we had prepared. We ended up staying 6 hours and could have stayed longer! Mama Isa was very knowledgeable about Italian food and culture and she spoke perfect english. She gave us many ideas of places to visit in Italy and was great company. We highly recommend a cooking course with Mama Isa. She is a warm, friendly person and it is a worthwhile authentic experience to learn how to cook Italian dishes in an Italian home. Best Jane and Phil from Australia

SUSAN & CHRISTIE (Massachusetts USA): What a memorable afternoon/early evening my daughter, Christie and I had learning how to make pasta from scratch! The adventure of finding you, just 1/2 hr outside of Venice was part of the journey. Despite the fact that we had arrived in Venice from Boston, Massachusetts just 3 hours prior to meeting you, and our luggage was lost by the airline, we had a fantastic time. My favorite dish, the Spaghetti alla Chitarra will remain my favorite, always! The flavors I can recall instantly. Delectable ! The best pasta and pasta sauce I have ever tasted! Your home is charming! Just the warm welcoming feeling we were looking for! Your son was delightful! Intelligent and handsome! Not to mention, helpful! Thank you for sharing your cooking techniques / tips with us. Making the pasta was really fun! Christie was such a perfectionist, as are you! You were so prepared! The porcini mushroom (which was handpicked) sauce was delicious! Farfalle, which actually means butterfly (in Usa Bow Tie), as we learned, was also fun to make, and so fresh! Not sure we could ever duplicate the flavors as your experience and passion for cooking is clear! and the result delectable! Don't let me forget...the tart (crostata) was also yummy! Hope we are able to visit you again! We feel a visit to you adds a wonderful dimension to a visit to Venice! Love, Susan and Christie - from USA

DAVID and NANCY (Boston - USA): Thanks, Isa, for a fabulous culinary experience cooking with you and Stefano in your lovely Padua home. Our cooking adventure was a high point in our trip to the Veneto. Your explanations, demonstrations, and the depth of your knowledge and love of Italian food were a delight. We felt thoroughly welcome in your home and would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone who wants an authentic, stimulating, and hands-on experience. Can't wait to try the recipes that we mastered (?) in your kitchen! David and Nancy, Jamaica Plain (Boston)

TINA (California - USA): Ciao Isa, I just wanted to tell you I had a wonderful time. Your welcoming hospitality was very nice. I can't tell you how excited I was to know that I would be attending a pasta class in Italy. Your instruction was the best. You were very informative and very easy to follow. The experience was more than I expected. It was nice to meet your husband and son and feel so comfortable in your home. On our last night in Venice we had a seafood feast and I made sepia negro tagliatelle. I can't wait to make the tortelloni and the gnocchi. We were able to find the very long rolling pin at a hardware store in Verona and the cutter in another store. Thank you so much for everything. And thank you for making the experience so wonderful. I would love to keep in touch and share cooking knowledge and lifestyle questions. Thank you again, Grazie tanto Ciao Tina (California - USA)

BETTY and ALMA (Dallas - USA): Thank you Mama Isa for the fabulous experience my sister-in-law and I had amarvelous time at your cooking school. This all started when I wanted to treat my sister-in-law, a gourmet cook, to Italian cooking school. I chose your cooking school because the classes are small and hands-on. I never dreamed that making fresh pasta could be so much fun. Did I mention that I am not a gourmet cook? After spending three days making some of the best food in Padova, I am hooked. My sister-in-law had the time of her life and she appreciates having a chance to learn Italian cooking from you and your assistant Stefano. We are now "mangiare Italiano". Thanks again for a grand experience. You are an excellent teacher. There is never a doubt that you love what you do. We loved it too. Alma and Betty from USA

RICK and ROSE (PANAMA): Isa, you are a true delight! Rick and I loved the day with you and the food you helped us create was fantastic. We are now home from vacation and looking forward to using the skills you shared with us. Love to you and Marco! Rose and Rick from PANAMA

CORDELIA, LIA and CHANDLER (USA): Ciao tutti! I just wanted to say Mama Isa made my trip to Italy! My friends and I were traveling in Venice and decided to learn how to cook Italian cuisine. We found Mama Isa's Cooking Classes on Pinterest; after hours of looking at all the wonderful food that she's made, we were sold! On Sunday we took the train to Padua. Walking into her home we felt like royalty! We were welcomed into her picturesque home with everything prepared for the day and antipasti on the table. I've never had so much fun in my life and neither have I learned so much. Everything was so authentic, I felt like I was in the kitchen with family, learning how to make ancestral recipes! Mama Isa, and her assistant Stefano, taught us so much about food, locally and all around Italy, history, and culture. In the kitchen, she really emphasized the techniques necessary to make pasta from scratch and all the other delicious foods. Time and money worth spent. By the end of the day, it was difficult to leave these wonderful people.. I wish I had more time to learn from this intelligent woman; I'll never forget my marvelous experience in Italy :) Mille grazie e spero di rivedervi avvenire! CORDELIA, LIA and CHANDLER from USA

MIKE and DIANNE (California - USA): Dear Mama Isa, Your cooking class was truly the highlight of our trip to Italy! You were so warm and gracious welcoming us into your home and sharing your family recipes. When we returned in mid October we couldn't wait to share your teachings with our family so we hosted a Halloween party and prepared spaghetti alla Chitarra with bolognese sauce ragu and and farfalle bow tie from scratch alle vongole clams, just the way you taught us! Everyone loved the meal and demanded to have copies of the recipes! In fact, we purchased a Chittara as a gift for Mike's 15 year old daughter Alexandra and she made the spaghetti alla chitarra for the dinner. We have such wonderful memories of the afternoon we spent with you! We highly recommend your classes to everyone and expect to see us again should we be in the area! Mike & Dianne from California USA

SHAYNA (FLORIDA - USA): Thank you Mama Isa for letting me come into your house and become a part of your family. I loved leaning how to cook authentic Italian food with you and this experience will be something I never forget! Shayna from USA

JOHN and MARIAN (Juneau, Alaska - USA): "Our half day class with Mama Isa was the highlight of our month long European vacation. Isa and her husband are very gracious hosts and we felt welcome in their home from the moment we walked in the door. Isa is not just a remarkably talented chef, she is also a gifted teacher and a delightful kitchen companion. I reserved this class as a surprise for my wife yet ended up enjoying it very much myself - and we both learned so much! Over several delightful hours we prepared four entire courses from scratch and then had the great pleasure of sharing them all with Isa and her husband. She also provided excellent, easy to follow written recipes for each dish. We feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity and could not wait to get home to prepare these dishes for our friends and family. We give Isa our highest recommendation. Prepare yourself for an amazing culinary and cultural experience!" John and Marian from Alaska USA

JESSICA (Ontario - CANADA): Molte grazie, Mama Isa!! Your cooking lesson has been the best part of my trip so far. Thanks for the food, recipes, history lessons, and above all, great company! Hope we'll see each other again. All the best. :) Jessica from Ontario - CANADA

JANE and MI FU(TAIWAN): Ciao, Mama Isa!!! Both me and Mi-fu had a wonderful night at your lovely home. Your cooking class has been one of the most amazing experience. We were greeted warmly, gained alot of knowledges on Italian cusine and most importatntly the meal was fabulous!!!! Can't wait to cook for my family from what I have learnt from you. Grazie mille !!! ^^ Hope to visit you again Jane and Mi Fu from TAIWAN

NINA and family (England - UK): Just wanted to say thank you so much for the most wonderful afternoon. We all thoroughly enjoyed our Italian cooking class and learnt so much, which we now can't wait to try at home. Thank you to both yourself and were brilliant teachers and hosts! All in all 'Cooking with Mama Isa' was the highlight of our trip to Venice. Perfecto! Nina Burns and family from England UK

DALE and MARIANNE (South Carolina - USA): Hello from South Carolina!! We went on a cruise out of Venice this summer and what would be our favorite experience? Mama Isa's cooking class of course!! We were welcomed so warmly into her home, given lovely appetizers and taught with the freshest ingredients, and had so much fun! Making the pasta will be one of my favorite lessons. Dale and I are doing great, daughters due in November. Miss you guys too!! Dale and Marianne from South Carolina USA

RICHARD and NORMA (San Francisco, California - USA): The most fun we have had in Italy (and we've had a lot of fun in Italy) was Mama Isa's cooking class. Not only did we learn how to make delicious pastas but we felt like we were in the home of a friend. The food was fantastic, the company wonderful!! Richard and Norma from California USA

LAUREN (Texas - USA): I had the most fun in my pizza class! And the food was absolutely delicious. The only downside was I didn't have enough room to eat it all! Thank you so much for such a wonderful class! I would definitely recommend this to anyone! Lauren from Texas USA

LIZ (California - USA): What a wonderful cookery course at Mama Isa's Cooking Classes in Italy near Venice! We loved the pasta-making lesson and the pizza making class. We have learnt more in two days with Mama Isa than in the whole of the last two months back reading cook-books and experimenting. It was a brilliant and perfect experience. We would happily recommend the cooking class to others, and can’t wait to get started making more fettuccine, ravioli, focaccia, pizza napolitana and calzone!!! Thanks again Isa, for such a great experience, and your enthusiasm, which made the weekend all the more interesting and informative. We look forward to returning some day soon. Next summer, perhaps? Liz from California USA

ANGUS and JENNY(Fremantle - AUSTRALIA): We spent a fantastic half day cooking and eating with Isa and her family. We really wanted to do a cooking class in Italy and looked at a lot of different cooking classes in different cities before deciding to go to Padua and Mama Isa. It was her personal touch in communicating with us, and the flexibility we had in choosing a menu and deciding on a start time that first attracted us. And we definitely made the right decision! It was like spending the day with old friends – Isa’s partner Stefano helped us in the kitchen and her son Marco joined us for the eating part. We tried all sorts of food and learnt an enormous amount about Italian cooking even in 4 short hours. And now that we have seen all the different equipment they have for making pasta and heard them speak so passionately about it, we definitely want to go back one day to do a fresh pasta making course with Isa nest time we are in Italy. Thank you for a wonderful day! Best wishes, Jenny and Angus from Fremantle AUSTRALIA

ARLINE (California - USA): Chef Mama Isa and Stefano, thank you both so much for welcoming me so warmly into your home. Your hands-on classes were interesting, informative, fun, inspiring and delicious. I loved cooking in your kitchen learning your time-honored family and authentic local recipes. I have been practicing some of those recipes and Rich has been a very happy taste tester! One of the highlights of our trip was your underground dinner (Mama Isa is also the owner / chef of a secret closed-door restaurant in Italy). We, along with Joanie, Russ & Camden really enjoyed the amazing array of food that you so skillfully prepared. I can't thank you enough for your gracious hospitality and for making us feel like we were family. I will always remember this cooking experience fondly, especially whenever I make musical pasta with my Chitarra (spaghetti alla chitarra)! Arline from California USA

PEGGY (Missouri - USA): I recently experienced my cooking class with Mama Isa in her home where she taught me how to make bread from scratch in addition to several different kinds of sauces. I've made bread from scratch before but Isa made it look so much simpler than I have done it in the past, even with little time for the dough to rise, the breads came out delicious. Hopefully I can recreate this perfection at home. Isa and Stefano welcomed me into their home as if we were old friends offering me wonderful local cheeses, olives, salami, and wine before we even started cooking. I learned a lot about where the cheeses originate from and the different tastes they each have and their specific uses. Since we made two different sauces, Norma sauce and Lemon/ orange sauce, she explained which type of pasta should be used for each sauce, and how to properly cook the pastas. At many times I realized how many things I have been doing incorrectly at home, which I shall now change. I have never before had a private cooking lesson that was so involved with such a talented chef as Mama Isa. No question was too dumb to ask, she was incredibly patient with me and my lack of knowledge. I wish I could have taken a weeks worth of cooking lessons from her because there were so many different choices of menus, I would have liked to have made many more. This was by far more fun than shopping...and I love to shop. I highly recommend taking a cooking class with Mama Isa for a very unique and unforgettable experience. I'm so very glad my husband found her website. Peggy from St. Louis, Missouri - USA

RICK and MARIELOUISE (Kinshasa - DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO): We had a wonderful time with Mama Isa! She's a warm and hospitable person, who makes Italian cooking surprisingly easy and straightforward. We loved her little stories on the side, pointers about ingredients and cooking methods, the attention to our specific preferences and questions, and the overall informal and pleasant ambience. And the result was simply delicious! We can't wait to try this at home. Thank you very much Mama Isa! Rick and Maielouise from Kinshasa - DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO

KATRIN and GRALF (Berlin - GERMANY): Thanks so much to Mama Isa for a wonderful cooking afternoon. We spend 5 hours with cooking, eating, chatting and learning a lot about Italian Cooking and regional highlights. We can highly recommend the "al Conte Santo" with sea scallops and prawns and branzino in crosta di sale. Learning how to make your own homemade noodles spoils you forever! The Tiramisu was the best one we ever had made ourselves instructed by Isa. Unforgettable experience! Katrin and Gralf from Berlin - GERMANY

KATIE and ROBERT (Massachusetts - USA): What a wonderful class! We learned a great deal, not only about the technical aspects of cooking risotto, but the art of it as well. And we enjoyed the home environment, cooking in an Italian kitchen, and getting to share both food and drink with Mama Isa's family. A terrific experience in every respect! Kathy & Robert from Massachusetts - USA

KADEEYA, SEAN and KOBIE (London - UK): Hi Mama Isa, thank you to you and Stefano for such and AMAZING day! It was truly one of the best days I have ever had travelling. The skills you have given us will not be wasted and we cannot wait to cook a big pasta dinner party for our friends and family. Thank you again for your knowledge, patience and a wonderful cooking experience in Padova! We hope to be back again for another cooking class :) Kadeeya & Sean & Kobie from London - UK

COLEEN & FRIENDS (Texas - USA): Hi Isa and Stefano, we absolutely loved our experience with your family. Our entire trip has been so blessed by cooking with you. We will keep in touch:). Joy, Coleen & friends from Texas - USA

NOAH & JENNA (CANADA): Dear Mama Isa, Thank you so much for the wonderful cooking experience! I was looking for a fun birthday surprise for my girlfriend during out travels through Venice. Much googling led me to Mama Isa's website. She was easy to contact and very quick to respond to all my emails, worries and questions. She was extremely flexible and able to shape the menu around our tastes and dietary restrictions. We arrived and were welcomed into her apartment with open arms. The class was just the two of us, Mama Isa, and a guest appearance of her son. She taught the art of pasta making leaving us with the confidence to attempt the recipes at home. Along the way she was full of tidbits of knowledge - offering pairing options, alternative ingredients, fun quick recipes, and a history lesson of the region. She was patient and helpful when it came to the actual cooking and baking part of the night. The finished products were delicious! We really enjoyed our cooking class with Mama Isa and would definitely it to anyone looking for a fun day excursion out of Venice, no matter their age or skill! Thanks again for everything! Noah and Jenna from CANADA

CHRIS (Texas - USA): While recently vacationing in Italy, my three girlfriends surprised me by planning a one day cooking class with Mama Isa to celebrate my birthday. Our private class was fabulous! We learned to make homemade pasta with sauce, focaccia bread, and my favorite desert tiramisu. Anyone visiting the Venice/Padova area will love taking a cooking class with Mama Isa. You will experience true Italian hospitality while learning to prepare your favorite Italian dishes. We had an unforgettable day of fun and hands-on cooking. The best part was eating the wonderful dishes that we made! Thanks mama Isa, from four chicks from Texas...Christine, Coleen, Theresa and Tiffany Texas - USA

RENEA & CHELSEA (Connecticut - USA): My mom and I recently took a trip to Venice and I really wanted to do cooking classes. I have VERY little experience in the kitchen, so I was pretty much starting from scratch. I have to say that Mama Isa's cooking classes were the highlight of our vacation. Not only did we both learn SO much about authentic Italian food, but we had so much fun with the entire experience. The whole class is completely hands on so there is never a dull moment and you really learn how to make whatever it is you are taking the class on! We already bought our own pasta maker and are looking for a place in our town that sells fresh fish so we can make our venetian seafood dishes at home :) It is not just a cooking class but a full on experience and immersion into the true Italian culture. Mama Isa and her partner Stefano really open up their home to you and we had such a wonderful time. I would highly suggest that anyone visiting the Venice area take Mama Isa's cooking classes! from Connecticut - USA

CHARLOTTE (AUSTRALIA): Mama Isa's cooking classes were wonderful! I was warmly welcomed into Isa's home where I was introduced to many new recipes with exciting ingredients such as cuttlefish, truffles, and chicken liver! The lessons were very well organised- Isa demonstrated and explained recipes of typical Venetian food, and also told some of the history behind the food which was really interesting. The hands on classes were especially good to see how to make perfect doughs for pizza, pasta and bread. I've already successfully made some of the recipes since returning home!! Overall I had a lot of fun, was extremely well fed and am hoping to return again soon! Love Charlotte - AUSTRALIA

KIRSTEN and GARETH (AUSTRALIA): I organised a cooking class for myself and my husband with Mama Isa during our stay in Venice in January and it was probably the most fantastic experience of our 6 week European Holiday. Even my husband (who was quite hesitant to participate in what he thought was just a simple 'cooking lesson' to begin with, would have to agree!). The difficulty with travelling to so many different cities / countries in such a short amount of time is that you never get to experience the local culture. Mama Isa invited us into her beautiful home and provided us with an insight into the local life of an Italian. Not only that, she taught us how to make some amazing meals - and, being the picky person I am, I was even able to request some things I was interested in learning about. The experience exceeded my expectations 10-fold, and to top it off, I was able to take the skills I learnt back home with me and have impressed my friends and family with my amazing cooking skills! Mama Isa has extensive experience with Italian cooking, and has a wealth of knowledge on Italian culture in general. It was truly an amazing experience- from the great wine, to the great food (that I have the satisfaction of saying that I cooked!) to the great company; the evening could not have been faulted. Mama Isa is located in Padova, only a short train ride from Venice, and a perfect way to spend an evening in Italy. If and when we return to Italy, Mama Isa's classes will be on the top of our list of things to do! Love Kirsten - AUSTRALIA

BETTINA and ROB (NORTH CAROLINA - USA): I would say that your cooking class gave us a true glimpse into the everyday life and cooking of Italy. We came to learn, but left feeling like we were leaving family. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, the class itself was informative and fun, and the food that came out of it was delicious! Anyway, I hope everything is going well on your end, and we send our best wishes. From, Rob and Bettina NORTH CAROLINA USA

LAURA (MASSACHUSETTS - USA): Hi Mama, when I return to Italy, someday, your kitchen will be my first stop. You are a true chef, moving forward with new ideas while keeping true to Italian cooking. Many blessings to you! From, Laura MA USA

RON and BRIANA (PENNSYLVANIA - USA): I went to Venice with my parents at the end of June. My dad and I really enjoy cooking so we took Isa's one day pizza class. Where got to learn to make not only pizza, but also calzones and chocolate mousse. A few months after the class my dad and I have used the thing we learned from Isa to make several amazing meals. The class was very enjoyable and fun. We were able to learn so much about the tradition of Italian food and how we could easily make it back in the States. I highly recommend you take the class if you like to cook or just want to learn more about Italian food, if you are in Venice, it is very easy to take the train in Padua, and the town itself is lovely.From, Briana and Ron PENNSYLVANIA USA

JENNIFER and NICOLE (SOUTH AFRICA & USA): Mama Isa! My sister and I had an AMAZING time today! Thank you so much for showing us such amazing hospitality. The lesson was informative as well a fun and the food tasted so wonderful! We had such a great time surrounded by great company! I can't wait to go home and share the food we learned to cook with my family. They will get to know a little piece of Mama Isa through food! I thank you again and if we ever come back we need to learn to make gnocchi! Thank you! From, JENNIFER and NICOLE SOUTH AFRICA & USA

BECKY and ANDREA (SOUTH CAROLINA - USA): We enjoyed our cooking experience with you and have enjoyed making the recipies here at home. Would love to get back and take some more classes some day. Thanks, BECKY and daughter USA

MOE, NICHELLE, KEELY, and TERRY (FRANCE & USA): We enjoyed our pizza making course. We started with flour, fresh yeast and yummy ingredients. We went to Padova, Italy for a 4 hr. course. Was a lot of fun. The focaccia was wonderful. It was such a super experience: good fun. We went home fat and happy! Will definitely look into other courses you provide. Mille grazie per una giornata indimenticabile! Baci. Thanks, MOE and friends FRANCE and USA

DEVIKA, RACHNA, GAURAV and PALLAVI (PUNE - INDIA): Hi Isa, how are you? We talk about you and our wonderful cooking session at your home, many many times. Wish we could repeat it some day. We made the fresh pasta and sauce many times. Rachna and Gaurav together made the pasta as well. Your cooking lessons were so useful. Your cooking classes are the BEST! Lots of Love from all of us! Devika, Rachna, Gaurav, Pallavi - Pune, INDIA.

LUCIA and AARON (North Carolina - USA): We had such a fantastic time in your home learning how to make amazing ravioli and fetuccine. We wish we could have taken many, many more classes with you and Stefano! Thank you for your kind hospitality and we can't wait to be back Thanks, LUCIA and AARON (USA)

ANNE and GRAHAME (Cork - IRELAND): Grahame and I had an amazing and memorable time with you Isa last week, we learnt so much and now Grahame is begining to make his very own pasta from scratch. The food was just delicious and we haven't stopped taking about your class and experience since we came home to Ireland. It was great to meet Gary and someday very soon we would love to come back to learn more dishes especially the desserts and the risotto!!! Thanks again ANNE and GRAHAME (IRELAND)

JUDITH and KEN (New Hampshire - USA): Words cannot express how wonderful today was. We spent 5 hours in a fantastic italian chef's home and she taught us how to cook her Nona's recipe of tiramisu, along with fresh homemade fettucini, foccacia and pancetta sauce. After cooking all morning we then got to eat it all. Priceless!!! Thanks JUDITH and KEN (USA)

DANIELLE and BENJAMIN (Michigan USA): This was such a wonderful experience! Ben and I had a blast and learned so much! What a great way to get off the beaten path a little in a new place! DANIELLE and BENJAMIN (USA)

JANET and ANNE (Vermont USA - FRANCE): If you are going to Padua or Venice, a Mama Isa Cooking Class is a must. My wife and I were staying in Venice and it was a 30 min direct train ride to Padua. Mama Isa sent clear directions to her place via taxi and bus, but we decided to walk and take in a bit of the beautiful city. We were greeted at the door with a warm welcome and jumped right into it... starting with Mama Isa's tiramisu. From there we went on to focaccia dough and then pizza dough. She really made it easy and gave informative cooking tips throughout the entire lesson. Mama Isa was patient and very attentive and we felt so comfortable in her home. The focaccia bread was the best we ever had and it was so fun to try the pizza's with all of the different toppings. Capers! Who would have thought they would be so good on pizza?? And Mama Isa's tiramisu? Wow! Fantastic.... and now we can make it. One warning... you will not be able to stop eating, everything is so fresh and good! You will be incredibly full and happy when you leave. The basilicas and canals are breathtaking, but this class will be the thing you tell your friends about... and then they're all going to want you to cook for them. Well worth the cost when you take into consideration that you're in Mama Isa's kitchen and she's working with each of you directly... a great deal. One of the best days of our life and so fun to do together. Thanks Mama Isa. On a side note, as a gay couple, Mama Isa was extremely accepting and we felt very welcome and comfortable in her home.

KELLY and BRIAN (Wisconsin - USA): What a delicious end to our Italian vacation! Stefano and Isa were the most gracious hosts and the techniques we learned to make delicious pizza and focaccia at home were priceless! The kids can't wait to make pizza every weekend now! We highly recommend a day with Mama Isa's Cooking Classes near Venice in Padova Italy. KELLY and BRIAN (USA)

GREG and FRANCESCA (London UK): After an excellent morning with Mama Isa and Stefano we've been inspired to come home and try out what we've learnt. Anyone visiting Venice or northern Italy really should get in touch with Isa and book a lesson, it was the best thing we did while we were there! Thank you both for making us feel so welcome and sharing your hints and tips with us. GREG and FRANCESCA (UK)

AMBIKA and RAMESH (INDIA - USA): Amazing class. Mama Isa is a very knowledgable chef. She teaches the traditional way of cooking which is hard to find these days, everything is from scratch and has been passed down from her grandmother. We took the tiramisu class, being a beginner cook, I was worried I may not be able to follow but she was very sweet and patient, walked us through every step. This is a MUST for anyone interested in genuine homemade italian cooking. Thanks, Ambika INDIA and USA

ANDY and DEBBIE (Maryland - USA): Deb and I found your class to be very fun and instructive. Deb who considers herself a bread expert learned several new tricks and techniques along with new recipes to add to her collection. I am a novice of course, but still was able to enjoy the class and gained even more appreciation for the work and skill required to produce such delicious breads. We both very much enjoyed your relaxed teaching style and the casual conversation. Your home is very warm, inviting and comfortable. Padova is a wonderful city. Unfortunately our visit was brief due to the rain, but we look forward to visiting again in the future. We both agreed that the day was was well spent and a good value for the money. If you ever visit the Washington, DC area, let us know! Andy and Debbie. Thanks, ANDY and DEBBIE (USA)

VASHI, AVISHA, CLAUDIA, STACEY, and NORHASNI (UK - KINGDOM OF BARHAIN - SOUTH AFRICA - MALAYSIA): Hi Mama Isa and Stefano, Just wanted to say thanks again for the lovely cooking class you guys hosted on the 7th of March - it was an experience we will never forget! We'll upload photos of the day soon. Lots of love. Vashi, Avisha, Claudia, Norhasni, and Stacey. UK – KINGDOM OF BARHAIN - SOUTH AFRICA –MALAYSIA.

MARY (ARIZONA - USA): Hi guys. I just wanted to praise my cooking class instructor: Mama Isa. I took a class on how to make tiramisu and to make fettuccine and spinach ravioli es by scratch. Mama Isa's Cooking School in Padua, near Venice, Italy, is the place to go. Isa is very knowledgable and is a very nice and patient lady. If you want to experience a true Italian cooking class in a private home, this is where you want to go. ARIZONA - USA.

SHERRY, DEAN, RYLAN, MADISON (CANADA): Hi Isa! We had such a wonderful time at your home. Your hospitality as well as your cooking instruction was the highlight of our vacation. We all smile when we think of the fun time with you and Stephano. I have to tell you that yesterday Rylan and Maddy made the pasta recipe that we enjoyed at your home. Maddy was leading the way since she was helping you and Stephano with the sauce. Maddy has asked if we could have a few friends over for an italian dinner party this weekend! Maybe if we give them enough vino, they won't notice our mistakes! Ha ha.... Maybe you can come to Canada this weekend to help us? Thanks again for everything, and lets keep in touch! Say hi to Stephano, Marco and your Dad... Cheers, Sherry. CANADA

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