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Learn how to make ricotta cheese and pair cheeses and wines in this cheese tasting workshop and cheese class.


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You can choose to attend a Cheese Tasting with History Class, where you will understand the importance of cheeses in Italy and will enjoy with a cheese tasting with a few different Italian cheeses (in Italy we have hundreds of different authentic cheeses).

Tasting Workshop includes how enjoy their texture, color, and smell ("profumo")!

How many diffent types of cheese? It depends on the farm market, but we usually go every day. Anyway at least eight to ten different Italian cheeses, with a large variety of milk and regions and, of course, cheesemaking styles.

A proper cheese tasting in Italy is of course with good DOC or DOCG Italian Wine.

So we’ll be matching a few different wines with our cheeses.

We will teach you the importance of pairing cheese with wine.

You’ll leave us with a true cheese knowledge.

During this experience, you'll taste an incredible selection of 8 - 10 of Italy's finest cheeses (made with different milk, different hisotry, different area of production)!

And of course your cheese tasting class included a testing of a few different Italian wines (red wines, white wines, rosé wines, red sparkling wine Lambrusco) and of course the famous "DOCG Prosecco" from Veneto region (Conegliano, Treviso and Valdobbiadene).

You’ll enjoy not only enough cheese, and wine, but delicious homemade bread (every day chef Isa loves to make from scratch the famous Mama Isa's Focaccia or rustic bread from scratch!).

This small-group tasting (not a walking tour or food market tour) is taught in English.

It lasts around two hours.

Please contact us soon for the cheese tasting with wine workshop.

Included a booklet with many recipes in English.

We offer this workshop on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (not on Sundays) beginning at 11:00am or sometimes in the afternoon at 4:00pm.





In 2 - 3 hours you will make a delicious homemade Italian ricotta.

It lasts around 2 - 3 hours.

This cheese - ricotta - is made only with selected organic cow milk ("latte di mucca biologico"), but during the lesson you will make a delicious ricotta with sheep ("latte di pecora") or goat milk ("latte di capra").

It is a unique cheese making experience.

You will enjoy the fruit of the class with a dish of pasta. But homemade pasta from scratch!

And later you will toss your own pasta with fresh egg pasta fettuccini!

During the class you will make how to make the famous sweet dessert "crema di ricotta" with homemade ricotta, sugar, delicious dark chocolate, cinnamon..... Hard to resist!

You will feel completely confident and truly inspired to replicate these recipes at home.

Included a booklet with many recipes in English.

We offer this workshop every day of the week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays, Fridays Saturdays, and on Sundays, beginning at 10:00am or sometimes in the afternoon at 3:00pm.

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