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We offer a few different Pastry Classes (2 hours, 4 hours): Biscotti, Italian Pastries, famous Italian Desserts, Chocolate and Ricotta Sweets. Our lessons are small and hands-on.


The Italian Art of Dessert and Pastry Making


Master the techniques to make perfect desserts, pastries and cakes every time in this dessert and pastry class

Pastry Dessert Class Italy


Why Are Dessert and Pastry Classes Worth Attending?

The answer is "sì" yes. Here’s why:

• 1-: Dessert and Pastry Making is an art and skill worth learning;

• 2-: Guests are looking for something that’s super tasty, fresh, but healthy;

• 3-: People wants to learn how to make desserts or sweet pastries "from scratch": from the raw ingredients, rather than partially completed ingredients;

• 4-: Dessert and Pastry Making is good for your soul and very therapeutic;

• 5-: The Dessert and Pastry class is a combination of technical skill and creativity.

Pastry Deesert Class Italy

Join us for a hands on Dessert and Pastry Class (take a look at our photos below) at Mama Isa's Cooking School in Italy.

In this dessert pastry class, you will master the techniques needed to make and use perfect dessert or pastry every time.


• We have a few diffent options of dessert and pastry class but totally hands-on (not a demonstration);

• The dessert and pastry class covers authentic, traditional Italian recipes of famous desserts and sweet pastries;

• A cooking class instructor and chef (speaking English fluently) and a sous-chef

• Recipes in English;

• Taught in English;

• Every dessert class is fun and instructive;

.... and much more!

Here Are a Few Italian Desserts and Sweet Pastries You Need To Try

• Pasta Frolla: sweet short crust pastry;

• Pan di Spagna: Sponge Cake;

• Crema Pasticcera: Pastry Cream;

• Crema di Ricotta: Ricotta Cream;

• Scorze di arance candite: candied orange peel;

• Pasticcini di Mandorle Amaretti: Soft Almond Cookies;

• Biscotti Cantucci: Tuscan Almond Biscotti Cookies;

• Crostata (a pie with a crust made from Italian pastry (hence the name, crostata) and a lemon cream or fruit or nutella filling);

• Classic Tiramisu;

• Venetian Zabaione (a delicious custard dessert made with sugar, egg yolks, and the famous Marsala Secco wine);

• Chocolate Mousse;

• Dark Chocolate Truffles;

• Homemade Limoncello Tiramisu;

• Panna Cotta (one of the most classic Italian treats) with Strawberry Coulis;

• Hazelnut Panna Cotta;

• Pistachio Panna Cotta;

• Apple Sbrisolona;

• Carnival Venetian Frittelle Fritters (a super light, deep fried pastry topped with sugar;

• Venetian Cornmeal Biscotti Zaletti;

• Ricotta Fritters;

• Apple Strudel;

• Struffoli (deep-fried balls of special dough, so crunchy, rolled in honey;

• Ricotta Bundt Cake (also called Ciambellone);

• Neapolitan Cake Migliaccio;

• Chocolate Torta Caprese (a flourless gluten free chocolate cake made with ground almonds, eggs, sugar, chocolate);

• Occhi di Bue: round shortbread cookies with a jam center;

• Torta della nonna (= Grandmother's Cake) - a custard tart topped with pine nuts;

• Orange Biscotti;

• Cannoli;

• Chocolate Salami;

• Chestnut Cake Castagnaccio;

• Bissulan Mantovano;

• Sweet Palacinke Crepes Crespelle;

• Zuppa Inglese;

• Almond Cake;

• Strawberry Tiramisu;

• Hazelnut Tiramisu;

• Pistachio Tiramisu;

• Crema Bruciata;

• Pizzelle also called "cialde" (a super crispy, waffle cookies stamped with delicate patterns, particularly delicious with homemade gelato or nutella);

• Frappe also called Galani or Chiacchiere (strips of fried dough topped with powdered sugar)

Dessert Pastry Class Italy



Our Dessert Pastry Classes (for 2 hours, 4 hours long one day, but many options, or three day long or week long course are only UPON REQUEST. If you are interested in joining our pastry class, please check our availability by email and process your application as soon as possible. Remember that we offer pastry classes only for small groups (maximum 8-10 people), so asap book a dessert pastry class.

The pastry class is completely hands-on and the menu will be adapted on your tastes!

Only 8-10 seats.


Location: Veneto region - Venice area - Italy




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Dessert Pastry Class Italy

Dessert Pastry Class Italy

Pistachio Tiramisu

Dessert Pastry Class Italy

Dessert Pastry Class Italy

Dessert Pastry Class Italy

Dessert Pastry Class Italy

Dessert Pastry Class Italy

Hazelnut Panna Cotta

Dessert Pastry Class Italy

Pistachio Tiramisu

Dessert Pastry Class Italy

Dessert Pastry Class Italy

Dessert Pastry Class Italy