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Cook with Truffles in Italy: learn how to make a few different and famous Italian dishes with truffles


The Truffle: Black Gold and White Gold of Italian Cooking


Truffle Classes Italy




• What Are Truffles?

---- They are not a chocolate treats, of course! Truffles (white truffles or black truffles) are a kind of fungus that grow under the ground.

• Why Are They So Expensive?

---- They are so rare, usually concentrated in a few areas in the world, in the French countryside and of course in the Italian countryside (Piedmont, Tuscany, and Umbria regions). They appear only around certain kinds of trees. It's a gourmet exclusive food.

• What Do They Smell Like?

---- You could describe it like a very deep musky aroma and very lightly garlicky smell. About us the smell of truffle is like heaven!

• What Does Truffle Taste Like?

---- They can taste like they smell! They are very nutty, oaky, and earthy, but juicy and a little bit sweet.

• Are Truffles Healthy?

---- Yes! They have a very important nutrient profile, high in many important minerals and vitamins, high in protein, fiber, and carbs, with unsaturated and saturated fatty acids.



• The first mention come from the diet of the Sumerian people (around 1600 BC). The ancient Sumerians loved truffle and they mixed it with other things such as chick peas, barley, chick peas, or lentils.

• Greeks certainly knew good mushrooms and truffles. In the "Historia Plantarum" (History of Plants, written between 350 BC and 287 BC) Theophrastus wrote about truffles and their habitat.

• The Romans loved them, but their price was very high. Apicius included six recipes with truffles in his famous cookbook “De Re Coquinaria” (1st century AD).

• Pliny the Elder - a Roman author, a naturalist - called them “Callus of the Earth”.

• During Renaissance the truffle began to take pride of place.

• In the XIV and XV centuries the expensive truffles appeared at the tables of French Lords.

• When Caterina de Medici married at the age of 14 the future French king Henry II, she brought with her cooks. Her influence at the French court was undeniable. She loved the fantastic Italian white truffles.

• Her lasting impact in cooking is so evident in the first French cookbook "Le Cuisinier François" by François - Pierre La Varenne, where truffles are a very important ingredients in more than 60 recipes!




Truffle Cooking Classes in Italy Venice


If You Are Interested to Cook with Truffles You Need to Take a Truffle Cooking Class!

Join us for a hands on Truffle Cooking Experience Workshop at Mama Isa's Cooking School in Venice Italy

• You will knowing how to cook with them, sometimes a little bit complicated and difficult - if you’ve never experienced truffle preparation before - but with us the lesson will be easy!



• 4 hours hands on cooking class;

• You will learn how to make a delicious appetizer "antipasto" with black truffles;

• This Truffle Cooking Class will keep you engaged with Italian recipes for a Mama Isa's Recipes with Truffles;

• How to make fresh egg pasta and how to make fresh fettuccine or fresh Spaghetti alla Chitarra;

• The secrets to make the Black Truffles Sauce with Fettuccine or Fresh Pasta;

• How to make a delicious Risotto with Black Truffles;

• Taught in English;

• Truffle Recipes in English;

• Truffle Cooking Class is fun and super interesting.



Location: Veneto region - Venice area - Italy


Truffle Cooking Classes in Italy Venice




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Truffle Cooking Classes in Italy Venice

Black Truffle Fettuccine

Appetizer with Black Truffles - Truffle Cooking Classes in Italy Venice

Truffle Risotto - Truffle Cooking Classes in Italy Venice

Black Truffles - Truffle Cooking Classes in Italy Venice

Black Truffle Fettuccine - Truffle Cooking Classes in Italy Venice

Black Truffle Fettuccine - Truffle Cooking Classes in Italy Venice

Truffle Cooking Classes in Italy Venice - Black Truffle Fettuccine


Truffle Cooking Classes in Italy